Saturday, July 7, 2012

what's been going on lately...

well, i've been busy! normally i would break into my "sorry for my scarce posts" spiel but, honestly i haven't really had too much to write or tell you about... 

dance is going well - the kids are doing a great job and doing really well at feisianna :)  we are prepping for the MAR oireachtas in november and they're doing phenomenal with their step prep!  i cannot wait until thanksgiving weekend to see these kids perform on that huge stage and see what they can do! 

work is, well it's work...  we've been on and off mandatory overtime.  i truly like the job, and i can't complain about the extra income but it sure is exhausting after a while - especially in the summer.  their new thing is making us work an 8 hour saturday..??  corporate america is sucking my soul.

SUMMER!  summertime is here in full force and we've had days straight of 90 degree temps!   dana and i are training for the rochester 1/2 marathon so it's been a bit difficult to get out there and get our long slow runs in before the heat strikes on the day.  we're up to 8 miles, hitting the road on tuesday (i hope).   the weather has been so amazing it's been so easy to do things outdoors these past few months (months!!!).  i cannot remember the last time the weather was this good in the summer.  
i've been to 3 concerts so far (lady antebellum, sarah mclachlan, and tim mcgraw), all amazing!!  truly my favorite part of summer - all the live music :)  next up, i hope is toby keith, possibly bonsai festival and kelly clarkson?? who knows.  and park ave festival is coming!!!  love this time of year - keep that great weather rolling. 

what's been going on lately with you guys? what is your favorite thing to do in the summer..??