Monday, March 31, 2014

real talk - teal talk

jacket - old navy | shirt - j.crew factory (similar) | pants - old navy | booties - forever 21 

Hi there friends.  You may have noticed I've been kind of off the map for a week.  Sorry I didn't warn you but I had a mini freak out/melt down and it just kind of happened.   First, the weather wasn't warranting outfit photos and I'm tired of freezing my bootie off.   I also thought since I had been in such a depressive state that I shouldn't come on here and post because I really had nothing good, nice or friendly to say.  
March is a very busy month for me.  I already wear many hats; the day job hat, the irish dance teacher hat and the style blogger hat.   There are changes and transitions going on in my day job.  They're good changes but transitioning from the old into the new has taken a toll on me this week.  There are people that I worked with that are mean and nasty and took out their anger on me.  You can tell me all day that it's not personal, but it is.  So there is that.
My dance studio is a huge part of my life too.  I not only teach Irish dancing but I'm co-owner of the business and it's a lot of work outside the studio.  Right now we are discovering the reasons why we aren't growing and trying to adjust the way we do things so that moving forward we can grow.   Fortunately for the dance school, being a single adult I have the free time to do so.  Unfortunately for me and my social life that means I have to make a LOT of sacrifices.  One of them being this blog.  

I hemmed and hawed over just stopping this operation altogether.  I thought, well it really doesn't take up that much time but on the flip side it's a huge stress knowing I have to get a post up or edit photos, comment, etc.  I'm so thankful to all the friends I've made who've helped make this a warm and friendly place to live on the internets.  All the support from other bloggers and readers over the past year has been literally amazing.   
I won't stop blogging; but, I will be taking a step back.   I've taken something fun and creative and made myself crazy trying to build a workhorse.  I am never going to be that kind of blogger.  I don't have the time in my day to seek out new blogs to comment on, post on social media every hour, publicize myself daily.  I have come to the harsh reality that this will just be a hobby because I love it.  I LOVE sharing styling tips and what I wore with all of you.  I love taking and editing the photos and have learned SO MUCH about it along the way.  I love seeing all of you even if it's within the 13" screen of my MacBook daily.   I just need to take a slight step back;  be more relaxed and part time.   I need to know, for my own sanity, that if I miss a post on a Wednesday the world will be OK!   Take a bit of the pressures off so that I can re-focus.  If it turns out I'm able to stay sane and do this as I've been doing - great!  

So, happy Monday friends.  I hope last week treated you well and that spring has finally arrived for you too!

Monday, March 24, 2014

My Quick Beauty Routine

With the changing of the seasons and not having to hibernate any longer you want your skin to look as good as it can.  I'm definitely one who thinks less is more when it comes to makeup.  Although I do find myself plastering it on for special events, this is my go to every day beauty routine.  

At night I wash my "face" off with the Clinique Cleanser and apply the moisturizer and eye cream.  I have found that it works best with my skin and t-zone to use the clarifying lotion about once a week or every few days.  It'a a little harsh otherwise; if I were to use it I would prior to applying moisturizer. 

loreal bb cream in medium
elf blush bronzer combo
loreal volumizing mascara in jet black
eco tools brush (similar)

In the morning I simply wet my face in the shower (rinse off any residue from my workout) and pat dry.   I don't re-wash my face because I find that I don't need to.  However, if your face is super sensitive or oily then it may work for you to wash again.  
I first apply the blemish concealer if/as needed.    Then I follow with the BB Cream.   I love the Loreal BB Cream, but to be honest I never really tried any others so I am not a real good judge.  Do any of you have favorites?  

I use about a dime size dot and with my fingers apply evenly all over my face and eye lids.   Once my skin is sufficiently covered and blended I move on to the highlighting and concealing.  I use the concealer under my eye and to cover any spots the BB cream didn't.  Then I use a bit of the highlighter to do under my brow line and along the bridge of my nose.  
I follow with the mascara and blush. 

This is for the everyday.  It takes me about 5 minutes in the morning and about 5-10 mins at night.  Sometimes I mix in an avocado and oatmeal mask for exfoliating.  

What is your skin and beauty routine? Do you have any favorite products?

Friday, March 21, 2014


Image source here

You may be thinking if I'm running I'm toning my legs.  Although that is the case it's also important to strengthen those muscles.  Some of the most common injuries that runners suffer from are caused by weak Glutes (that's your bum) and Quads (those are your thighs).   

This week we continue to focus on that 5K program and cross training to improve your running.  The above interval workout is a great start to strengthening those legs.  Some other options are to do weighted squats and deadlifts. 

The above video will help you if you've never done a proper squat before.   
Keep in mind, you don't have to do these weighted.  They are just as impactful if you do them with your body weight only or you can even hold a medicine ball to your chest.  

This guy is deadlifting a ton; you can easily do these with just a bar at your gym, hand weights at home, or even by bringing your hands in and grabbing a kettle bell or medicine ball.  Just be sure your back and leg form is good.  Use a mirror if you don't have a buddy! 

Give 2 miles a go this week.  Keeping with the 2 runs a week your first run should be 1-1.5 and the second 1.5-2.  

TGIF!! Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

plaid's last chance

dress - gap | belt - american eagle really old (similar) | shoes - forever 21 (similar) | bag - michael kors (similar)

Trying to weather the storm here by transitioning some of my favorite wintry pieces into spring.  I am sad to say I think this is it for my dear plaid shirt dress.  I am truly sad as I was only able to wear this a few times due to the extreme cold.   
So today being the first day of Spring (officially, yet so very unofficial) I'm saying no to the drab colors that winter brings.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not packing up the sweaters just yet just thinking more spring from here on out! 

How has everyone's week been?  I feel like it's been a whirlwind.  First day back to work yesterday and I was given news that I'm moving to a new team.  I'm really sad to leave my current leadership but I'm excited for a new start and a fresh set of relationships to work with.  
Anything exciting going on in your world?

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

the shine project

top - gap (similar) | pants - old navy (similar) | clutch - target (similar) | shoes - forever 21(similar) | bracelet - threads c/o the shine project

Slowly I enter the world of accessories.  I love it when I can find delicate stackables because as somewhat of a tomboy I enjoy the subtlety.    This bracelet was sent to me from The Shine Project.  The Shine Project is an Arizona based company who employs at risk teens, gives them jobs to keep them off the streets.  Not only are the bracelets totally gorgeous and easily stackable, they're inexpensive.  I just love a company with such a positive vision!

Enjoy 10% off at The Shine Project with code 40BAR10 

Get over there and get yourself a few adorable remixable pieces for spring and summer

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

spring color trend - BLUSH

 photo blush_zpsd02b156a.jpg

Call it pale pink, blush, or nude this is a hue you want to add to your wardrobe this season.   What I love most about this color is it's trans-seasonal (I may have just made up that word...).  I love that so much of spring's trends can really be worn not only through summer but into fall, and pieces can even be relevant through the winter months as well.  This my friends, is one of them! 
We're all chomping at the bit to get into our spring clothes and colors even if we do have to layer them on to keep warm until the weather cooperates.   
A piece such as a scarf or bucket bag is the perfect transitional accessory to brighten up your winter clothes and bring them into the now.  The moto jacket is a great piece over a bold maxi dress, who will know that until it's warm enough you have leggings on underneath!  I love adding subtle touches of a color with a sandal, earrings or sunnies.  

What do you think, will you be adding this color to your repertoire this season?

Monday, March 17, 2014

color punch

blazer - arden b (similar) | tee - gap (similar) | jeans - gap | bag - target | shoes - piperlime

Even though I adore the soft colors for spring time, it's not really my jam.  I get down with bold, punchy colors when the weather starts going our way.   
Get used to seeing this look because come spring (for reals) all I wear is a t-shirt jeans, blazer and whatever shoe variety I'm in the mood for that day.  What can I say, we all have our uniforms, am I right? 
Did you all have a good weekend?  It's Monday, it's St. Patrick's Day but I know most festivities went on this weekend.  We had our annual Parade here in town and although it was colder than we'd like it was a blast!  The kids always have such a great time and I was actually shocked at how many people came out!  Despite the cold, there were hundreds lined up on the street.  Must be that cabin fever pulling people out of the house.  
If you didn't drink a green beer this weekend maybe you did a little shopping?  I scooped these up and cannot wait their arrival! 

Friday, March 14, 2014

{FITNESS FRIDAY} Cross Training with Yoga

Hi there!  Welcome back to Fitness Friday!  Last week when we started the beginner 5K program I said I would start to talk about some cross training you can use to improve your running.  One of the most important cross training techniques is Yoga.  Yoga not only strengthens the mind, but it stretches and strengthens the body and muscles.  A lot of muscles that you use when you run.   
Did you all do your .5-1 mile runs last week? 

This week I want you to set a goal to do 1 - 1.5 mile runs.  Try to get in two and then two or three yoga poses after your run to aid in stretching.  I prefer to do these stretches or poses the morning after a run.  That is something that works for me, every body is different! 

The High Lunge is a great stretch pose that not only strengthens your quads and glutes, but stretches your hamstring and hip flexor.  This is also a great extension stretch for the low back as you reach up with your arms but lunge into that bent knee.  Notice my bent knee is directly over my ankle and the straight knee is stretched; try to reach behind you with that heel of the straight leg. 

Warrior pose is one of my favorites!  This gets your inner thigh while strengthening your core and quad.   You want to be sure you're tucking your pelvis under (push your hips forward) so that you remain in what is called neutral spine. 

Pigeon pose (and I apologize I did NOT photograph the beginner variation) is another hammy and hip flexor stretch.  To do an easier version you can simple stay up on the palms of your hands instead of coming down onto your elbows.   What you cannot see in this image is that the heel of my right foot is at the hip bone of my left leg, creating almost a 4 formation.

Balance poses are important for a number of reasons.  Not only do they train your focus, which you'll need if you want to begin to run longer distances.  But, they also strengthen those stabilizer muscles in your legs and core.  The above move is somewhat advanced, but give it a go! 

Tree is my favorite balance pose.  This is a simpler one and to simplify further you can lower your bent leg.  There are three true positions for tree as far as your feet go; knee as I am above, arch on calf and arch on ankle bone.

Ok, I know I've said the word favorite about a bazillion times already but, I like yoga ok?   Down Dog is so important to really stretch and lengthen the back of those legs.   You can also get a bit of a workout going from Down Dog to Plank Pose repeatedly!   While in down dog you want to be sure your arms and back are straight while you reach your hips to the sky and push your heels deeper into the floor. 

Cute yoga and running gear help you stay motivated!!  I had to show off the cool electric blue detailing of these pants!  The has a lot of really fun and affordable finds in the way of workout gear! 

long sleeve - old navy | pants - c/o | top - marshals (similar)

I hope you feel refreshed and recharged after not only running but incorporating yoga into your life and fitness routine!  I've definitely felt mind and body benefits and have only been doing it for a short time. 

*Disclamer* I share information I have learned by taking yoga classes and by researching.  I am not an expert or yoga instructor.  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

faking it

blazer - h&m (similar) | dress - forever21 (similar) | heels - madden girl (similar

Man was Wednesday different from Tuesday when I wore this outfit.   Tuesday was a gorgeous 50 degree day, Wednesday on the other hand Snow-Mageddon.  

I always feel like Jackie Kennedy or Betty Draper in this dress.  I just love the old school print and paired with a blazer it was oh too Nantucket Preppy.  By the way - I'm sorry about blinding you all with my freakishly white legs.  Holy moly, I need a tan!  (Get the hint Mother Nature!?)
Hope everyone's week is off to a good start.  Tomorrow starts the beginning of the St Patrick's Day weekend for me so I may be a bit off the grid.   Hope you all get your drink on and have a Guinness for me! 

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

spring trend - sneaks

sneakers, spring style

You've seen them all over Pinterest; sneaks - of all denominations.   
Whether you're styling them with a sundress, or denim they are a closet staple and they're hot for spring!  

I already have a couple pairs of Toms that I wear pretty regularly during spring - fall.  I love the effortlessness and the casual touch they add to really any outfit.   Style these bad boys with distressed jeans and a tee, leggings and tunic, sundress and denim jacket, blazer and boyfriend jeans - I mean, the options are endless!
Sneakers or slip ons really have a way of projecting an image, the cool image.   
I added some inspiration to my blog pinboard if you're wondering how to wear!

What do you think, will you be styling sneaks this spring? 

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