about me

I'm Nina.  
I've always been obsessed with the newest trends but am a tom boy at heart and really dig mashing up masculine and feminine pieces for a put together look.  I love playing around in the kitchen, broadening my chef skills and creating new healthy recipes.  
I live in a small city in Upstate NY and work grinding away for Corporate America by day teach Irish Dance by night.   I am still discovering my true natural style while riding the wave of trends that come and go.

What does After the 40 Bar Finish mean?
No, I'm not talking about a pub crawl... 
A question I often get is "what does that mean" and "where did that come from". 
When I started this blog I wanted to go in the direction of lifestyle blog/life after dance class.  The 40 Bar Finish is how a handful of the traditional group dances end or "finish".  It consists of 40 bars of music and doesn't hold a real title.