Friday, April 29, 2011

the world's new princess...

I woke up just in time to see her exit the Rols Royce infront of Westminster Abbey.   The dress was elegant, and vintage, yet with a modern twist.  I hope you all were able to enjoy it.

Pictures will be on a brief hiatis as, my computer is about to explode.  I'm in the middle of a photo storage crisis - so, if anyone has any quick fixes/best online storange... puhlease let me know!!! :)

enjoy your Friday

Thursday, April 28, 2011

look of the day...

Happy Thursday.  Spring has mostly, finally, arrived.  Here's a quick look at what I'm wearing today.   I want to do more "look of the day" outfit posts.  Sometimes, truth be told, I'm in my favorite pair of Gap jeans, my Chaco's and a hoodie...   Just like anyone else, I love to play dress up, but it's more often then not about comfort.   Especially since my day job doesn't have a particular dress code... 

What are you most comfortable in?

Monday, April 25, 2011

two sundays...

((sigh))  I took today off.   With such a busy week at work last week and upcoming, I had taken this day off with the potential of visiting Chris's family in Vermont.  But, I decided to keep it off as a mental health day.  I'm so glad I did!  I've been so productive, apartment cleaned, two banana bread loafs in the oven, two pilates video's done.  I need to get back into doing more pilates - it really does a wonder for toning your legs.    In a little bit I will meander back over to Chris's to walk and hang out with Malu.   I'm absolutely going to dig into some of the lentil soup we made last night too!  (We used Alton Brown's recipe, via  I have no idea what my mom's recipe is, so we googled.  It was really good!  Had a bit of a middle eastern flair that I wasn't used to.  We topped it with sour cream and the bacon we rendered in the beginning (a variation that Alton didn't do).   It was yummy and comforting!

This morning I also did a practice pack for our Ireland trip.  I wanted to see how much stuff I could actually pack into the backpack I borrowed from Mary.  Turns out, I can fit quite a lot if I roll my clothes together.  A lot of websites say that by rolling your clothes, you can fit so much more in.  However, don't you think that makes it super annoying every time you need to get in there? I mean, you literally have to take your whole pack apart to get to one pair of socks, which are rolled in your underpants between your jeans inside your hoodie....   It's a little less than ideal, however, I rolled separate items together and it worked a little better.  Underwear with socks, bottoms with bottoms, tops with tops.  Hopefully, doing it this way I'm only repacking my sack once a day in the morning when I dress.  

I found this video, and I must say this is just my style.  Packing functionable, yet fashionable, and comfortable clothing!   

She doesn't really roll much but her jeans, but her advice regarding where to put things in your pack is definitely helpful.  

Banana bread is out of the oven!  

Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekday outings...

I realize I've been saying this a lot lately.... But, it's been SUCH a crazy week!  Now, I suppose you could say that I wasn't forced to do all of these things during the week, but I sure decided to do them!  Above are some shots from Beale Street Cafe, Monday night.  Heidi made me a wonderfully delicious Mojito, and the boys chatted while I enjoyed my pulled chicken barbeque nachos!  Yum!   

Tuesday night our Trivia team nearly won!  We tied for the winning spot and received a $20 bar tab for next week! 
Wednesday was dance class, and the kids brought in their Visionary Boards!  They are all so amazing! (Photographs to come) 
Last night Chris and I made chicken kabobs, with wonderful tziztiki sauce and feta cheese... it's making my mouth water just thinking about it! 

I have some more clothes to post, however, I haven't taken any pictures of them yet - so next week that is my task!    It's Easter weekend, and although I'm not technically celebrating the holiday - are are celebrating.  Chris and I are going to his friends camp in the country (Cooperstown, NY) for a 30th birthday party!  We leave tomorrow after puppy class, and at first I wasn't quite sure I wanted to give up my relaxing 3 day weekend to party hard... I'm sure it will be a very relaxing and fun weekend! I'm really hoping the weather holds out, current forecast is: 65 and light rain, and 55 and rain for Sunday.  C'mon sun!! Break through those clouds and make my weekend splendid!!!  

I'm sorry if you feel I've turned my blog into my calendar...  
Note to self: if you keep up on your posts, you won't have to catch everyone up on the entire weeks worth of content.

PS: I started reading Winnie The Pooh, and yes I realize it's a childrens novel.  It's fabulous. 

Sunday, April 17, 2011


I apologize for my extremely tardy post.  It has been a bit of a whirlwind week!   Last weekend we had absolutely gorgeous weather, our recital was a spectacular show, and Chris and I were able to do some outdoor things finally!  :)   The weather was short lived.  For instance - it's snowing right now.  Yep - snowing, in April.   Nothing ever really shocks us here in Rochester, NY; people often claim that if you don't like the current weather, just wait five minutes.  

So, better late than never... here are a few more clothing items.  All the other "donate" stuff I handed off to my sister, Sara this afternoon to peruse through.   It was a pretty good birthday gift if I say so myself.  She has a knack for taking a piece I can no longer make look great, and turn it into something new again.

Old Navy Fuchsia Baggy Blouse 
Size Small
Arms are baggy up to the cuff which is about 3/4 sleeve
Blousy fit up to cuff at waist/hip area. 
Wear it. Share it. Spare it. 

Charlotte Russe Black Sequin Racer Back Blouse/Dress
Size Small
Could be worn as a shirt or cocktail style dress. 
Is extremely tight fitting, yet super HOT :)
Wear it. Share it. Spare it. 

Banana Republic Khaki Cargo Skirt
Size 2
Fits on waist, not hip. 
Has a bit of a french flare at the bottom (could be cut off in a DIY project maybe?)
Wear it. Share it. Spare it. 

Well there you have it, practically a week's worth of posts in one.  I will try harder at being less absent. :) 

Vote. On. My. Clothes. 

Thursday, April 7, 2011


in my closet?

Item #3 
Xhilaration Animal Print Capri Leggings
Size XS
Fit true to size, they are slightly see through, and there is a tiny hole in the crotch.  Heh.

But as you can see by the tag - they are "Made in USA"  that is rare! 

On a more bloggy note, this week has flown by.  For that, I am grateful.  Work business is picking up, and that makes for a very busy day.  Dance wise we are coming to the end of our regular year, celebrating another great one with our Annual Recital this weekend.  Seems weird that I've been running the competition class only since my test, and I feel as if I don't know any of the other kids.  It's so tough! I want to be there all the time, to get to know the kids, and share/teach my love for Irish dance; it's so hard with life, work, boyfriend, etc.  This summer I'm hoping will be different.  I hope I can be present in more of the classes, and getting to hang with Wendy and Mary is obviously a plus to that as well.    I was in a little bit of a rut since I arrived back from LA.  Letting negative surroundings bring me down, and really effect my overall attitude. Letting people complaining really upset me, after I know how hard we work for our studio.  I really think of myself as an overall cheerful,  positive person.  I'm sarcastic, and sometimes a complainer, sure.  But who isn't.   
    I finally snapped out of negative nancy land, after a great St Patrick's day (probably the best to date) and gearing up for our recital and competitive season, I really just thought it's so not worth it!   Ok, off my positive soap box, just wanted to share where my heads at.  
 I'm pumped for upcoming events, even excited about re-taking the TCRG (one section only!!!) .   Although, I'm not sure when my wallet will be excited about it.   Breathe Nina, just focus on one thing at a time.  We leave for Ireland in 1 month, so major planning is underway.  Our kids compete in the first Feis of the season in 3 weeks!  I (We) need to drill the pants off of them to be sure they're prepared!  And my sister is having a baby soon! Yay!   Lot's to be enthusiastic about.  
Well, I'm off to the Elmwood for a drink or two with some friends... 

vote on my clothes (sara, I know you'll want these pants)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Item #2

Attack of the Grey Sweaters!

 Old Navy Grey Sweater Dress
Size Small
Fits like a small would! :) 

Wear it. Share it. Spare it. 


Monday, April 4, 2011

and it begins...

Item #1: Grey knit poncho

American Raglie 
Size XS 
I usually wear a small-medium and it fits me pretty well. 

Wear it.  Share it.  Spare it. 
Comment to vote,  and be sure to include your email if you want it! 

On another note I received word last week that I was unsuccessful in my attempt at the TCRG.  I found out today that I only need to retake the Solo Teaching section!  So, back on the horse I go.  


Sunday, April 3, 2011

cleaning out my closet part II

So, today was the big day.  I cleaned out my closet in hopes to make room for some of the new treasures of the season.   In doing this, I found the above items, which I totally forgot I even owned!!   A rockin pair of skinny jeans is something I'm always looking for, and I completely forgot about the cognac leather jacket circa 1975.  This jacket was a hand me down from my dad's, boss's, wife's closet, when I was about 16 or 17?!   It used to have a fur zip in lining, but I'm not sure where that went.  
It's my favorite to find old things and try to make them new again.  I am so stoked about my finds.  I'm also stoked about giving away some clothing. 

I have a gigantic pile of clothes that are solely for donation to the Salvation Army.  Jeans with holes in the knee that are ill fitting, old t shirts, dresses I've been saving for... who knows what!?  Then, I have a pile of "blog" clothes.  I'm going to photo shoot them later today.  I will start posting 1 item a day, starting tomorrow!   
Comment on the item to vote:
Wear it - to keep the item
Share it - to send it to you 
Spare it - to add it to the strictly charity pile

I will be sure to write about size, fitting, brand, etc.  Any other details I think may be necessary.  

Ok, well it's FINALLY spring here in Rochester - I'm off for a 5K in this gorgeous near 50 degree weather!