Thursday, June 30, 2011


I just found out that this movie is FINALLY coming to Rochester!!  

I cannot wait(!) to see this documentary solely about competitive Irish dance.  You know, I started Irish dancing when I was 13.  Which, is pretty late but since I had had previous dance experience (jazz and tap for a number of years) the rhythm in the hardshoe and the footwork in the softshoe just seemed to come so easy to me.  I'm a naturally musical person - having musicians on both my mother's and father's side of the family, I just love how the steps mimic the rhythm and the story in the music.  Once I entered into my first competition I was hooked!  I was always a competitive kid - I played various sports, but nothing seemed to really set my heart on fire like dancing on stage at a Feis (competition).   I knew immediately that I wanted to be very good at it.   So, I worked very hard.  Harder then I've ever worked for anything in my entire life.  Harder then homework at school, harder then I work at my job.  And although I'm not, and will never be a World Champion... I now feel it's my duty as an almost TCRG to pass on my talent and motivate and inspire my students to be a World Champions.  Now that sounds like a stage mom or crazy teacher - but, I don't mean this in a "I want to live vicariously through my students" sort of way.  But, in a "those who can't do, teach" sort of way.   Slowly but surely we are getting there!  :)  You have to walk before you can run... 

So, I hope you enjoy the trailer and if you get a chance to see Jig- DO IT!  It will give you a little insight into the crazy world in which I live, and love dearly with all my heart. 


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

how to... color block?

 Photo via
Photo via
Color Blocking; what is it?  How do I do it? Where can I rock it? 

These are all quesitons that I have as well.  To tell you the truth, I wasn't even sure I knew how to do it until Mary told me!!  "Purple dress, pink tights, yellow shoes, and green handbag" was the example she gave me, and I automatically thought "OH! Color MIXING!!"  I'm not sure where the term "blocking" came from, maybe because it's all solid colors - no prints, nor am I positive I'm comfortable enough with many colors to rock this look - and rock it well! 

Seems simple enough - find overtly colorful solid top, different colored pant or skirt, and continue to layer with other bold colors.   Accessories?  With that much color I'm not sure I'd pair accessories  The ladies in the first picture were styled with a gold belt to break up the two complimentary colors, and the clutch is, in my opinion, the way to go when you have that much going on. 

Where to wear it?  I personally do not have a "dress code" at work per say.  But, I wouldn't say it would be office appropriate in most cases.  Maybe if you're an up and coming fashion designer trying to play up your line, or an Adjudicator at the Regional Championships, or North American Nationals this would be appropriate.  A night out with your girlfriends?  Most definitely!!  This look is perfect for a FUN night out on the town.  After all - it SCREAMS fun with all those bold colors.

My personal favorite from the shots above, and definitely more my style - is the beige shirt with gold belt and orange skirt.     

Do you often "color block"?  If so, how do YOU do it?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

retail therapy

For a few weeks now we've been planning this extravagant shopping day... well, that turned into "ok, let's just hit Marshall's and call it a day".   We ate brunch at Mt Hope Diner and then headed over to the Pittsford Marshall's; "they have better shoes" we decided.   Well, they definitely do!   There is nothing like, trying on things you'll never buy (like those little oxford flats above, or that orange dress I thought would be funny to try on).   I even had a couple "whoa, what is this?" moments - see the multicolored shoes with gold soles and blue/silver leopard bubble dress.   It's most definitely better shopping with your girlfriends - we feed off of eachother, and throw clothes across aisles yelling "this would look great on you" and "here, you don't have any of this color".   We end up trying on copious amounts of clothes we'll never buy, and in my case, only walk out with a pair of shoes and a shirt.  (Mar and Wendy had much better luck).  I find my body is hard to fit into the latest trends, I don't think I'll go shopping alone again.  Because, although I know what's in style, I rarely have the time or TAKE the time to try things on and a second opinion is always the best.  

Thursday, June 23, 2011

thursday thoughts....

Longing for the hot sun on my shoulders...

Dreaming of hiking in the humidity and hoping this weekend will deliver

Testing how I can vamp up my closet in the peak of summer for a low cost... ideas welcome

Prematurely planning my vacation for next summer...thinking somewhere mid west, Colorado or Montana...

Jamming to Rusted Root radio on Padora...

Excited to go see The Tragically Hip in Watertown tomorrow, and praying the weather will hold up for us!

Eager to reach the weekend, relaxing, photo taking, shopping...

Trying to stay focused at work

What are you thinking about this Thursday?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

sofa tuesday

Tonight I loaf.  I've been doing nothing but running, not the exercise kind of running although I do that as well, for weeks now.  It's so hard to say NO in the summer time when all you want to do is enjoy the gorgeous outdoors!  Sunday night HBO, Monday night kickball, Tuesday night trivia, Wednesday night dance class (or the occasional outdoor concert), Thursday night dance class, and then all of a sudden it's Friday and I haven't even sat down!  I'm certainly NOT complaining - please do not misunderstand.  I'm just expressing my joy of a night with zero plans or time commitments.

So, here I sit and lounge, loaf, and relax.   On nights like tonight I'm not sure what I would do with the Travel Channel,  HGTV or Bravo.   I may even finally watch this Netflix that has been sitting on my coffee table since before I traveled to Ireland...  heh.

Hey, it's Tuesday - pull up an ottoman, pour yourself a screwdriver (I did!) and enjoy your sofa!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

fun in the sun...

The weather this weekend was the epitome of summer.  Even though the summer solstice hasn't quite hit us yet (June 21st), the past two days have been absolutely luscious.   I was actually able to get out my summer halter top, which is so light, cool, and perfect for a sun filled day!  Saturday was exactly that - we started at the Rochester Public Market.  That is where the shots were taken above, from coffee at Java's, the open area's and meat market.  Nowadays there are tons of flower, clothing, accessory, "anything you need for your house" vendors out as well!  It's always fun and relaxing to walk around and enjoy the outdoors, the music from local musicians, the eclectic people, and of course the grocery and sometimes apparel shopping.   
In the afternoon we went to the dog park with friends.  There were probably 20 other people with their dogs there, it was pretty cool.  I bet Malu had an amazing time running around with all his new friends.  It was awesome to just relax in the sun with friends.  
We had bought a TON of food to grill up at the market that morning so we feasted on that after the dog park.  

Every year Rochester holds it's annual Jazz Festival, where they bring in big names (Natalie King Cole, Elvis Costello this year...among others) to play for a cost or sometimes for free...   G Love and Special Sauce was playing last night for free at one of the stages in the outskirts of the city.   It was amazing - and there were so many people there, I mean, who can resist free live music?  Especially when it's a good, well known, band.   

To wrap up the weekend we spent today out at my parents for Father's day.  It was great to see my nephew Romeo, my sisters, mom and of course my dad.  It was a perfect day for dogs and burgs on the grill, tuna mac salad, and grilled veggies.  

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend too!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

a look to keep you cool...

It's looking to get into the 80's today.  So, I went with one of my favorite Maxi dresses - which might I add I bought on sale at Old Navy for $4.99 
Yes, you read that correctly...

A style so versitle, so simple, and so comfortable.  Sometimes on a hot day these are more appealing than my shorty jean shorts and a tank... the simple fact that the fabric is not clinging to your skin is cooling in and of itself.   I also am drawn to the lace detailing on the bodice and sporty looking straps. 

What's your favorite on a hot, hot day?

Monday, June 13, 2011

my civic duty...

Today I had to report to Jury Duty at the Hall of Justice.   I was a little nervous, being that I'd never been summoned nor served before.  However, everyone assured me it was a no brainer.  

I decided to walk to the Hall of Justice.  I live a short distance away (5 mins driving) and the parking is generally expensive.   What a gorgeous day!  Not to hot, not too cold - just perfect!   You can imagine my excitement when I was dismissed early (not actually having to serve at all).   

Onto enjoying the rest of my day! 

Enjoy yours

Sunday, June 12, 2011

sunday splender...

Traditionally Sunday was deemed a day for rest and worship.  In honor of that, above are some shots from Ireland.   One of the magnificent churches we visited, the first church of St Patrick and a cemetery along our travels through the north.  

How do I spend my Sundays?   Usually forcing myself to sleep in a bit past 7am, cooking breakfast or enjoying a local diner and the occasional hike or run.   Today I did just that!   After relaxing and enjoying some eggs, bacon, fruit, and coffee with Chris, I met up with my friend Dana for a run through Durand Eastman Park.  It was so beautifully quiet and peaceful on the path and through the woods.   We decided to make it our Sunday routine; since we no longer work together, or live together... it's rare we can spend quality time.   This will be just the ticket to keeping on the "up and up".   

This afternoon I'm excited to drive out to my parents house (approx 30 miles away from the City of Rochester), relax by the pool, and see my sisters and nephew!  It will truly be the perfect ending to a splendid weekend.

How do you spend your Sundays?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

in the spirit of summer...

Tis the season for outdoors get togethers and barbeques.  I'd like to share with you all two of my favorite dishes to pass!  One is a childhood favorite, and the other an adult favorite.    Friday my friend Katie is having a bunch of us gals from work over to her house for a cook-out and dip in her heated pool!  (My kind of pool, I'm such a chicken about cold water!!)  I'm bringing one of the below recipes to pass!  They are both very easy to make and party time fav's!

Childhood Favorite Recipe

Taco Salad

1lb ground beef
1 head of Iceburg lettuce
1 red onion
1 large tomato
1 can of pitted cut black olives
1 bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos
1 bag of shredded Nacho cheese
Catalina Salad Dressing

Brown the beef in a pan on the stove.  Chop the lettuce, onion, and tomato and mix them in a bowl.  Add the olives, nacho cheese.  Open and let the air out of the dorito bag, then crush the doritos and add them to your bowl.   Now add the cooled cooked beef and stir in the catalina dressing to taste. 

Adult Favorite Recipe

Dirty Martini Dip

1 16oz block of cream cheese
2 tbsp of Mayonaise
1 1/2 cup of green sliced olives with pimento
2 tbsp of olive juice
1 shot of your favorite Vodka (not flavored)

Mix all ingredients and chill overnight.  Serve with pita chips or triscuts. 

** I always add more olives than the recipe calls for, I LOVE olives!  But, you can add as many or as little as you'd like.  It wouldn't be "dirty" without the olive juice, I add it to taste.  Again, as much or as little as you like.  

I hope my summertime favorites soon become yours!  Enjoy!

Friday, June 3, 2011

for the love of.... dance

This week I've been in recovery mode.   Recovery from last weekend, that is.  Although America had it's Memorial Day (bank) Holiday, the MGOS Irish Dance Academy was holding a workshop for Teaching and Adjudicating candidates.  We hosted Mary McElroy from Dublin, as well as dancers and teachers from all around the Mid-Atlantic (NY, NJ, PA, DE), Eastern Canadian, Southern (AL, AK, DC, FL, LA, NC, SC, OK, TN, TX, VA, WV, and Mexico), and Mid-America/Mid-West Regions.   She covered the entirety of Ar Rinci Fiorne (the traditional ceili book) and 3 of the traditional set pieces (King of the Fairies, Jockey to the Fair, and Three Sea Capitains).   It was a BLAST!  Literally, I was nearly dreading it - because I knew it would consume my weekend.  But after dancing through most of ARF, being around people with the same goal and cause, and spending time with dear Mary McElroy, I had the time of my life!  It was really great to realize that I still remembered all of the small details of that dreadful blue book, not long after hopping in did I realize I still knew every role in every dance. (!!!!!!!!)

Our students have a Feis (dance competition) tomorrow, and although I'm SO EXCITED to go camping, I'm really sad to miss it!   They have been looking SO GREAT in class, and to see their little faces when they look up on that awards board and see their number up there... priceless.  I hope Mary and Wendy take lots of photos.  You can check out shots from the last Feis on our Facebook page.  Oh, and "like" us would you? ;) 

 So best of luck MGOS dancers, as I enjoy my hike, run or lounge in the sun - I will be thinking of you guys rocking the Buffalo Feis!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

summer mind dump...

It seems as though summer, has arrive here in upstate New York.   It's generally the way it goes, from 40 degrees F to about 90.   It makes me sad in the day time, watching the sun swing from one side of the sky to the other from my cubical.  Yet, giddy in the evenings when you can soak up those last few hours of rays hoping it's enough to give you the slightest tan...    All in all it's exciting, and makes me yearn for summer apparel - bikinis, short jean shorts, adorable sandles with bright flashes of color.  Neutral toned loose knit sweaters, strappy flats, adorable printed scarves, maxi dresses... 

Going to the public market on a cool Saturday morning with my best friends, the pool at my parents house and the serenity of my childhood backyard, cookouts with friends, camping!   Sometimes I wish I were a kid again, with summer's off - the summer seemed so long!  Days upon days of playing in the backyard, swimming, laying under the ceiling fan in the family room in our wet bathing suits to cool off, making Kraft blue box with Kimmy, and playing soccer in the field...  

Although I love the change in seasons, spring and summer I think are my favorite.  All the new life in the spring which transfers into late nights, hot days, concerts, and trips.  It's all so thrilling- I cannot wait for the weekends...