Friday, February 28, 2014

{FITNESS FRIDAY} Let's Re-Motivate

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I wanted to take a post to refocus and re-motivate .  I myself have had many struggles the past few weeks that have derailed my goals.   
Whenever I am feeling a lack of motivation I always watch Blue Crush.  You know it, with Kate Boswell and Michelle Rodriguez... the surfing movie?  I don't know why but it always makes me motivated to have that drive, be that competitive. 
A few images from Pinterest don't hurt.  I totally wish I could do a hand stand like that!!  

I have a few great ideas planned for this feature in March!  Hope you're all ready to get off the couch and get fit!

What motivates you? 

Thursday, February 27, 2014

all the basics

sweater - h&m (similar) | shirt - gap (similar) | pants - old navy | shoes - gift (similar) | bag - michael kors (similar) | sunnies - h&m (similar

My most favorite of things is an outfit compiled of simple basic items.   There is nothing particularly special about any of these pieces and they all seem to fit together nicely.  This basic striped sweater is my ultimate weekend go to, I love when I can style it for my workday because I know that I will be super cozy in it all day.  Yesterday was no exception; with temps in the teens I couldn't forego the layers.  
The zippers on these pants make them seem ultra casual. But, the glory of a business casual office that merely rules out denim is that they're not denim (YIPPEE! Dance party!), so they work nicely at work. 
This peachy button down is definitely a closet staple; I love it's warm summery hue and it is fitting enough to fit under a multitude of sweaters. 
And my bag, gosh I love you.  In such a versatile color I suggest every girl pick up a simple leather bag in a cognac color.  

What classic basic pieces are you dressing in these days? 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

monochrome and a baseball cap

floral shirt

how to style a baseball cap

how to style a baseball cap

cap (similar) | shirt - old navy (similarsimilar) | pants - old navy (similar) | shoes - sole society

Remember that song, Peanut Butter Jelly and a Baseball Bat?  Sing the title of this post to that song - your welcome. 

I froze my booty off taking these snaps but I'm so over the layers upon layers that I'm just going to freeze.  I even busted out the open toe shoes (I wear boots to work).  The incorporation of spring items is my silent protest to the cold front that is overtaking the north east.  
Enough about the weather though!  How is your week going?  We've made it to HUMP DAY! 
I'm still battling through season 2 of House of Cards.  Holy Crap these Underwood's are fierce!  
I received some new bedroom fixings and have started documenting the room take over - I'm hopping it all comes together, the duvet wasn't quite what I thought it would be.  Still, I'm going for a masculine/feminine mash up.  Just as in my wardrobe ;)

I'm guest blogging over at Playing with Patterns today! Pop over and check out my round up of Florals!

happy wednesday friends!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

trend spin: winter white

denim jacket - old navy (similar) | sweater - gap | pants - old navy (similar) | shoes - piperlime

 Despite being back in chilly weather I opted to style my white pants with a springy sweater.  I'm such a rebel wearing not only white pants but with neon stripes as if it's April and not the end of February. Come spring and summer I wear the crap out of these pants.  With caution, of course, because unlike any other human in the world I am accident prone with white clothing.   Yet, there is nothing better than a bright white tee or a crisp oxford.  

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Mix It: Black Pencil Skirt

stripes, pencil skirt, moto

how to style a moto

moto jacket - target (similar, similar, cute!) // tee - old navy (similar) // pencil skirt - old navy // shoes - sole society // necklace - charming charlie (splurge, similar, super save)

Happy Monday! Did you all enjoy your weekend?  You may have seen on Instagram that I started House of Cards on Netflix - Oh Em Gee, I'm obsessed.  What a crazy series!  I'm now on season two - anybody else watch?   
We had a little bit of warm weather and sun this weekend and it was just enough to keep the clock ticking towards the arrival of spring.    Doesn't this top just scream spring?  I am so excited for all the new spring patterns but still am pulled to stripes.  They're just so classic.  
Speaking of stripes, did you see my weekend Fab Find? 

I've worn this skirt in many a different way.  Here are a few examples:

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

{FAB FIND} get the look for less

 photo getthelookstripedloafer_zpsd1fd133b.jpg

gap | j.crew 

You've seen them popping up everywhere; striped loafers!   Perfectly paired with skinny denim, boyfriend denim, dresses, shorts, dress slacks, you name it!   With their nautical preppy flair they're perfect for work or a weekend picnic or shopping outing. 

weekend inspiration

1 // 2 // 3

I've been going through style phases quite quickly.  I'm really craving simplicity this week, likely because it's just easy and you don't have to think about it.   I'm loving the simple yet totally fierce looks above.  Dying for a bold color pleated skirt/dress as pictured in #2!! 

I read an article on StyleCaster this week all about habits of super stylish people and it was incredibly thought provoking.  As style bloggers we  hunt down and try the newest trends, seek inspiration and try to curate the epitome of cool casual style; often times you can easily get wrapped up in keeping up with the Jones' and buying designer items.  The article focuses on how the most stylish of us all obtain those same fads, styles and trends for a less than designer brand and cost.   Even the ever creative Leandra has written about how it's not about the labels.   Who's to say that we are only someone if we're wearing someone specific?   Blogging is, after all, supposed to be real people who are relatable.  
I have explained before my Type - A anal way of setting out clothes for the week; but to be honest, some of my best looks come from throwing something on in the heat of the moment on the weekends.  

Alright I'll stop babbling on a Saturday!  Enjoy your weekend pets

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Toughin' out a few more weeks of winter with a moto
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Friday, February 21, 2014

{FITNESS FRIDAY} Goals and Stir-Fry

Happy Friday Friends!! 

Today I'd like to talk about goals (again, I know).  Are you setting reasonable goals or lofty ones?

What's the difference? Let me explain... 

A lofty goal is... 
"I'm going to lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks for vacation"

A reasonable goal is... 
"I'm going to eat really clean for the next two weeks so that I can enjoy myself on vacation"

See the difference there?  Don't get me wrong, wanting to lose 10lbs (if needed) is definitely a great goal, just be careful of why you're setting the goal and the time frame in which you are giving yourself to achieve it.  If you don't make your goal do you think you'll set another? Probably not. 
I try to set 5 goals a week/every two weeks for my healthy lifestyle.  It's all about balance, right? So, I try to make 2 of those goals absolutely attainable.   When you set yourself up for failure it's difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel.   

paleo, stir fry, mashed sweet potato

Alright you guys this isn't really a "recipe" it's just something I whip up from time to time when I'm feeling like a little Chinese food.  Typically I use chicken, but I've so had it with chicken lately that I used stew beef.   It actually worked out pretty well as the beef is super porous making it easy to flavor.  

Stir Fry Ingredients:
Stew Beef
Package of fresh "Stir Fry" veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, shitaki mushrooms, pea pods) 
Almond butter or peanut butter
Hoisin Sauce
Low Sodium Soy Sauce
Beef Broth (or chicken, if you're using that instead of le beef)
salt & pepper
paprika seasoning
garlic powder

I start with a package of stew beef.  My local grocery store (Wegmans! God love it) has this prepackaged for approximately $6-$8.    I pulled out the pieces and cut most of them in half or thirds to be sure they were small enough to cook in a small amount of time.  
In a mixing bowl toss the beef pieces with salt, pepper, paprika and garlic powder (as much as you desire)
brown all sides of the beef in a pan on the stove top.  I use sunflower oil for all my cooking.  The beef will also create it's own juices.  

While that's browning start your veggies in a separate frying pan in sunflower oil.  As they're getting brighter with color start adding in your Aisan sauce mixings. 
(I use almond butter in lieu of peanut butter) A tablespoon and a half of almond butter, add this right to the center of the pan. 
Now add a tablespoon of hoisin sauce and about two teaspoons of soy sauce.  Add a cup of beef broth and mix until everything is "melted down" and mixed thoroughly.  Your veggies will finish cooking/steaming in the sauce. 

Add in your browned beef and let it finish cooking.

Mashed Sweet Potato Ingredients:
1 sweet potato or yam
2 tbspn of clarified butter 
1/4 cup of coconut milk

I microwave the sweet potato for 8 - 10 minutes depending on size. 
Once done, cut down the center and scoop out the middle into a mixing bowl
add in your clarified butter and coconut milk and mix together.  
Season to taste

Thursday, February 20, 2014

not so original

how to style plaid

how to style plaid

how to style plaid

shirt - old navy, similar // jeans - old navy // shoes - gifted, similar // bag - relic, similar

Happy Thursday friends!  We've survived the better part of this week; well, almost.   I don't know about you but I'm getting increasingly annoyed and frustrated with my ole' winter clothes.  So much so I'm welcoming 50 degree weather the next day or so with open arms, even if it is short lived.  Spring, are you out there? 

I hope you all agree that it's perfectly acceptable to wear flannel into spring.  Especially around these parts where the temps fluctuate drastically.  I'm still obsessed with plaid and even though I have a style in a lighter springier hue I still reach for this one.   The red gets me every time! 

As we enjoy the melt down stay dry puddle jumping!
Tackle it Thursday! 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

hangin' tough

panama hat, moto jacket

jacket - target, similar // chambray, tee, jeans, and boots - old navy // hat - BCBGeneration // sunnies - free at heinz field, similar 

The only thing getting me through the rest of this winter is the fact that St Patrick's Day and spring are a month away.   Historically it's in the 50's or 60's around March 17th and I'm counting down the days.  I wore this outfit over the weekend and am grateful the sun came out!

Dear Sun, 
We've missed you; please hang around more often!

Upstate NY

Now that that is out of my system!  Is your week going well?  I'm happy to say I've stuck to my new fitness/life goals this week trying to get out of my supposed "Seasonal Depression".   I'm also happy I scored this Moto for $12 (cough, yes you read that correctly thank you very much Target!).  I struggled with if it were my style or not but scooped it anyways because it's a staple, right? Right.  
Sorry not sorry if you're tired of seeing this hat; I pinned enough outfit inspiration with hats to last 365 days so...  you'll be seeing quite a bit of it (insert emoji with the straight line of smiley teeth here). 

Happy Hump Day Friends

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