Wednesday, July 31, 2013

style rut

It's about this time of year when all my clothes seem impossibly worn out and I'm ready for a change up.   I'm happily welcoming the cooler air and the opportunity to pair a button down with shorts.   I wouldn't say I'm ready for fall, it's not that extreme, we haven't had that bad of a summer.  Last year was scorching hot from March to September.  An insanely long time.  It took forever for summer to arrive and yet I'm still kind of over it and August has barely begun!   
Do you ever get into a style rut?

Shirt - American Eagle old, similar
Shorts - Bought at PacSun really old, similar
Flips - American Eagle old, similar

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

12 transitional pieces to take you from summer to fall

AH! I said it.  Transitional from summer to fall...  sorry not sorry, but it's happening.  And although I may be a bit premature the cooler weather is most definitely pushing me in the fall direction.  I tried to choose pieces that you may already have from either last season or this summer.  Let's go down the list -

fall transitional pieces.

1. Denim Vest - the slightly cooler version of the denim jacket. This is slightly more versatile especially for a transition season!  Layer this over a tshirt dress now and a sweater later! 

2. Utility Jacket - The perfect throw over on a cooler summer night in front of a camp fire.  Equally perfect on a cool fall day with a tshirt and jeans.  This is a must-have! 

3. Striped Sweater - duh, do I have to explain?  We all know I'm obsessed with stripes... 

4. Jewel toned shell - jewel tones are amazing for fall to show off your summer tan and layer under more earthy toned suits and casual wear. 

5. Leopard Flats - another duh moment. Really keeping my eye on these Madewell skimmers... I want them!

6. Sueded loafers - so cute with shorts and button up now for a casual weekend look and pair them with boyfriend jeans and a slouchy sweater later!

7. Floral Top - This is great now with a pencil skirt, shorts, you name it.  Bring it into fall with a utility jacket and boyfriend jeans or denim jacket and earthy colored pants. 

8. Boyfriend Jeans - I wear mine constantly, they are amazing with a wide variety of shoes and tops.  

9. Dark Wash Jeans - a nice dark wash just looks great with knee high boots and flats.  

10.  Pants in Earthy Tones - what a better way to celebrate foliage than with earthy tones?  They're great for spring through fall. 

11. Ankle Boots - easily worn with dresses now and skinny or boyfriend jeans later

12. Jewel toned flats - every girl needs some fun flats to rock.  Beautiful colored flats keep fall interesting!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

color splash

If I must wear dress pants to work... they're going to be fun, and obnoxiously loud ones like these!   When I saw that these pants were on sale, I immediately squealed and then put them into my cart.   The cut is so classic, the pattern so bold and versatile.  I cannot wait to style them again! 

Hope you all had a great weekend.  I sure did, here's a recap! 
Friday night I took a friend out to my aunt and her boyfriend's boat.  We floated, ate goat cheese with cantaloupe, gouda with cucumbers, sopressata, drank lime-a-ritas and laughed about bad dates.   

Saturday I heated back to the boat for a hike and some sun.  In the evening the Genesee Country Village and Museum did this awesome Beatle Magic concert.  I felt like I was transported back to the 60's and was at a real Beatles show!  If anyone has ever seen Rain, it was a similar show.  It was crazy, they sounded just like the Beatles.  

Yesterday was literally a day of rest.  Sure, I did my run.  But, I mostly relaxed. 

Shirt - Old Navy old, similar
Necklace - BrinaBox
Pants - Gap this print is no longer avail online! 
Shoes - Old Navy in store, similar

Saturday, July 27, 2013

weekend workout & workout wear

The heat wave has finally left the northeast in peace!! That means this weekend I'm taking advantage of the cooler air and warm sun and hitting the trails.  It's been a while since I've been on a legit hike, and it's something that I used to do often and really enjoy.   My aunt and I used to go weekly, I'd love to get back in the swing of that habit.  

While hiking I usually carry water and we use a pedometer to track how long we've gone.  I typically enjoy wearing my Chaco hiking sandals.  They are hippy sandals, truly.  But, are so comfortable, supportive, and your feet can breathe - which is always better in the summer. 

Get out and enjoy the day before summer's over! :)

take a hike

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Friday, July 26, 2013

3 ways to bring neon to the office with you

Are your summer clothes starting to get a little hum-drum?  Mine too!  I myself want to incorporate fun pieces into my 9-5 wardrobe, and neon is a great way to keep your outfits interesting and chic!   I know, I know, neon has been around for a bit now.  But, I do feel like it's hard to pull the trigger on some trends when it comes to mixing them into your work wardrobe.  I'm always looking for different ways to style my pieces so that each outfit looks interesting and new.  People at work think I only wear some things once and then keep buying, but that's the remixing at work! (By the way, who does that? Anyone? If you can afford that I'm jealous!)

A super simple way to spruce up the typical jacket and skirt look is to wear a neon tank or cami instead of your typical shell.  Add a fun and flirty skirt a nude shoe and great bag!

neon at work 3

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In this look I paired these awesome navy dotted cropped pants that I've been drooling over with a patterned top and neon accessories.  These flats are adorable (just got mine in the mail, SO COMFY!).  And how awesome is that blingy bangle with little neon accents? Perfection.

neon at work 1

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Stripes and neon seems like a no-brainer, right?  Well, this neon pencil is just the ticket.  Pair it with stripes, or a simple button down and you're on your way to chic.    This bag is a great tote size with little neon peeks as well and adding another color on your ears keeps the look playful for summer!

neon at work 2

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

leopard & lace

This is completely random, yet thought provoking. 
 Yesterday I taught a co-worker how to "hashtag".   She said, and I quote, "blah, blah, blah, that was so funny hashtag". 
Really, the fact that she misused hashtag is what stood out to me.  I then proceeded to teach her how to hashtag by using an example 
"Steven isn't hip enough to know #sorrynotsorry" 

This got me thinking....  First, where in the world did this come from?  I mean, it just seems kind of crazy and awesome all at the same time that someone would come up with using the number symbol or "hash" sign to tag phrases so that they could then be searched for future use.  ((pow)) mind explosion.   It also shows a gigantic generational gap.  I myself only know hashtag-ing thanks to social media and the pressure of keeping up with the Jones'.   But, the people who came before me, my elders so to speak, they are SO in the dark.  #oldfarts  If it weren't for their children, they'd be lost in this cyber hashtag universe!  
Do you ever wonder what the world is coming to?  (Dramatic, I know)

Honestly, my co-worker laughed for ten straight minutes at my #sorrynotsorry. 


Top - Forever 21, similar 
Skirt - Old Navy
Shoes - Target