Monday, June 10, 2013

plain + simple

Happy Monday!!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  I have three "little" sisters (Ryan, Sara and Morgan).  They are all my best friends, through thick and thin, arguments and laughs.   Friday night Sara and I went to this newish sushi place near my apartment - literally some of the best sushi either of us have ever had!  
 Saturday my baby sister had her first and last prom!   It was so fun to see her get her hair done, help her get ready and see her off.  She went with a huge group of girlfriends and I was a wee bit envious that I hadn't done the same my senior year!  
And then on Sunday I went for a good 5 mile run, did some grocery shopping and went to my parents to relax.  I'm starting a partial juice cleanse today (partial meaning, two juices and one meal vs three juices/day) and I wanted to relax and enjoy myself before I become a hatred, impatient monster...  
So if I start to sound really angry on here towards the end of the week - just remember, it's my stomach talking! 
I wore this outfit yesterday to relax at my parents house.  It was gorgeous outside and this 3/4 sleeve was perfect as it was a bit cool in the shade. 

Top - H&M, similarsimilar
Shorts - J.Crew Factory
Crossbody - Target
Flips - American Eagle old, similar

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