Monday, April 15, 2013


When I make the claim "I have nothing to wear" this combination is one that I usually come up with.   What is special about this outfit?   Nothing.  It is comfortable and put together which is everything that is effortless style.   

My mom taught me about effortless style and to always be put together when leaving the house.   It's probably the reason I have so many "rules" about dressing.  The woman ironed my jeans for crying out loud!  She always has her hair and face done.  Always, even in jeans and a t-shirt, looks so chic you're instantly wanting her outfit.   Other than Clarissa (from Clarissa Explains It All) she was most definitely my first style icon.  

Blazer - H&M similar
Shirt - Victoria's Secret Usually in the stores 2/$20 great deal!! 
Jeans - Gap
Flats - Nine West via Marshalls similar 
Tote - Michael Kors via Marshalls similar  

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