Sunday, November 13, 2011

shower the people you love with love...

This weekend I had two special events.  Yesterday was a Baptism for my friend's daughter, Audrey; today was Melanie's baby shower. 

It was so lovely, for two days in row to hang out with some of my favorite people and shower my friends with gifts and love.  Audrey is absolutely adorable, she's running around like she's training for a marathon!   I love it when they start moving, it's so exciting!   After all of the extended family left we we had drinks, chatted about how amazing JIG is/was, laid around Mary and Kurt's new home and laughed a lot.  I adore nights like that! 

Today Wendy and I ventured out to Avon, NY (AKA the middle of nowhere) in search of the Veteran's Hall for Melanie's shower.   Melanie looks beautifully pregnant and so excited for their impending new arrival!!    Although I wish bridal or baby showers weren't really what they are (the whole opening gifts with an audience, thing) it's a great time to enjoy the company of friends.  

Was your weekend eventful? 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

it's choreography...

This time of year makes me very excited for my favorite movie of all time.  White Christmas.   I'm reminded of the scene with Danny Kaye, it's called Choreography, and he sings and dances about how "chaps, doing taps aren't tapping anymore they're doing choreography".  

Us dancers know that Choreography isn't a type of dance, but a bunch of dance moves thrown together in a particular order.   Last night in my dance class I started a "choreography" for St Patrick's Day and recital performances.   Those of you who are familiar with Irish dancing know that these can be REALLY cool, and are often done in competition :)   I was inspired by John Kerry, who shows off some of his choreography making skills in the movie JIG (the Irish Dance documentary).  

After my dancers stopped looking at me like I had two heads, they really started getting into it.  I was, of course, acting like a crazy person shouting "1, 2, ready go ARMS UP, AND DOWN.  NO don't bend over! Ok now back to our beginning spots.. hurry up - let's GO! Now, when you get to this spot I want SHARP ARMS like Cheerleaders. BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM! ... "

 Turned out being their favorite part of class... Now if only I could continue to think of COOL things to do...!!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

To fall...

Year after year I fall in love with the Fall.   I love the warm sun, and crisp air.  I love the foliage and the crunch of the fallen leaves.  I love wearing the cozy sweaters, vests, coats, scarves, and snoods.  

This weekend Chris visited and yesterday we went for a hike at Black Creek Park.  The trails were ideal for a trail run or cross country skiing, and beautifully secluded.     Malu loved the trails as well, he loved them so much he decided to run off leaving us calling and calling for him.  Don't worry, we did find him after a few minutes; I was a little scared we had really lost him!  

Last night we went to dinner with my family at the Garland House (a little Italian family style restaurant by my parents house).   All in all a nice weekend!  

Now, I sit in my sweats on the couch about to pick up my book.   :) 

What did your weekend deliver?