Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My 5 Grocery Shopping Tips

Hey guys!
 I wanted to share with you a few of my tips to save on, not only the grocery bill, but to avoid too much junk being in the house! I steer clear of temptation by just not buying junk food, it's just that simple. I am far from perfect and I know that if it's around I will eat it until it's gone, so I just save myself and only treat myself when I want to. This process is what has helped me achieve and maintain balance, everyone is different and you need to find what will work for you! On to my TIPS!

  1. Shop the parameter! All of your fresh whole foods are around the parameter of the store; meat, dairy, produce, fish, etc. Typically anything boxed or canned is processed. That isn't to say that I don't purchase canned or packaged food; quinoa comes in a package! But, I try to stick to fresh foods. 2. Buy Produce at the Local Market! Not only can you support the local farmers but you get your food directly from the source and can often times speak to the people who plant the seeds and harvest the bounty themselves. I always ask if it's locally grown, there are a lot of vendors (at my market, anyways) who ship in from Florida and California. Be sure to get there early, the fresh stuff goes first!

3. Meal Plan! This one is HUGE for me! I lay out exactly what I'm going to make for dinner and have for lunch for the week. I usually eat around the same things for breakfast and snacks so those are just standard on my grocery list, but I pick 2 or 3 recipes with a few of the same key ingredients and plan out the week. Then I make my grocery list and hit the store.

4. Make a List! This goes right along with "don't shop when you're hungry"; making a list keeps me on track and typically I only end up with one or two extra things that I saw and want to try. My grocery store (Wegmans, which is the best!) also has an app. The app stores the foods I typically buy with my member card information and also has all of the aisle and department information. It sorts my list accordingly to help my shopping trip! If your local grocery has an app, I highly suggest using it!

  5. The Less Ingredients the Better! The more ingredients you can pronounce, the better! Try to avoid packaged food with a paragraph of ingredients you cannot say or have ever heard of! I hope this helps streamline your shopping experience! Please comment below if there is something you'd like me to touch on.

 XO, Nina

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