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I've built this page with directions for movements I usually put into my weekly bootcamp workouts.  I've broken down each movement and, if necessary, included a video of how it should be completed.

**Please Note: this page will be a work in progress and additions will be continuously made.  Keep checking back! 

Walk Out To Push Up: Starting in your standing position slowly bend over hinging at the hip, using your hands walk out into Plank Position.  Do your push up and then using your hands again walk back to your feet and slowly stand up.

Inch Worm: The first part is just like "walk out to push up" except when you reach the Plank Position your feet move up to your hands (try doing this without putting too much bend in your knee.  You then walk out again with your hands, and come forward with your feet.  Buggy yeah?

Clock Lunges: With one leg lunge forward and then to every place on the clock.  You should be able to get to about 7 on your right leg (it will be like a curtsey).  If you cannot, that's OK it's something to work towards!

Pop Out Squat or Explosive Squat Jump: Come down into your squat, when you jump up pull your legs in together you will then jump your feet out again to go straight down into the squat.
This is a very quick movement it's almost like a "pop".

Pike Pushups: In your best downward dog position complete your push ups by bending at the elbow until the top of your head taps the floor.  If you cannot reach the floor that is OK, something to work towards!  Be sure you're looking straight ahead between your feet during this movement and Yes your butt should be straight in the air for these!!

Side Plank Hops:  In plank position, imagine a clock.  In starting position your feet are at 6:00.  You will hop both feet to 3:00 then back to 6:00 then to 9:00 then back to 6:00.

Bear Crawl:  Get down on all fours.  Lift knees off the floor so that your weight is supported by your hands (directly under your shoulders) and your toes.  Legs should be 90 degrees.  Crawl opposite hand to foot.

Frogger: In plank position hop your legs to your hands.  Your feet should end up outside of your hand position like a frog.

Ski Jumps: This is similar to a side lunge, but you jump into the lunge position.  From standing position lift your right leg and use your left leg to push you sideways, land on your right leg and place your left behind for a slight lunge.

Push to Balance: Stand in squat position, lean forward until your hands hit the floor.  Your legs continue to stay bent in squat position.  Slightly bend your arms to do a slight push up if you can!
This will be awkward and you may feel silly.

Donkey Kicks: On your hands and knees first lift one leg and kick backwards.  Now bring your knee into your chest and repeat.

Hip Lifts: Lay on your back with your knees bent at a 45 degree angle.  Lift your hips into the air until the weight is on your shoulders and heels.

Opposite Arm to Leg Extension: Lay on your back with your arms stretched out above your head.  Take one arm and reach up and over your body while the opposite leg comes up off the ground to meet it.

Cross Back Lunge: With one leg, reach behind the other bend at the knee as far as you can and then come back up.

Burpee: Here's a great video tutorial! This one is difficult to explain -

Kettlebell Swing:

As always, if something isn't clear enough please email me! 
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