Friday, July 8, 2011

haut, hott, HOT

As I get ready for work in the morning I like to listen to the news.  It's really the only time I tap into what's going on outside of my own little bubble and, honestly, to check the weather! 
The weather man reported today that this weekend will be a scorcher!  High 80's through Sunday, and I can't be happier!    Although Saturday our kids have a Feis (competition), and they are looking SO GOOD by the way, I will be inside most of the day.  But, Sunday I have the day to enjoy the sun, bronze my skin, and enjoy some nice cold adult beverages.  Maybe I can even talk Chris into having a camp fire in his back yard :) !!   As they just instituted mandatory 10 hours of overtime starting next week at work, I see my spare time during the week swiftly drifting away.   This will make every weekend the absolute epitome of a "stay-cation".  As I will try to relax, and cram-a-lam everything I'd normally do during the week, into what seems like the smallest window of two days!  Still, even with being busier than a bee - I will take time, even if just a few moments, to sit down and enjoy a Mojito. 

How will you be spending your weekend?

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