Saturday, February 18, 2012

a dancing week in review...

Being that I no longer have to "study" for my exam... I seem to have a bit more free time.   That is, only a few nights a week.   Yet, not really still - St Patrick's day is looming and I'm in panic mode....

So, let's do a run down of the week -

Monday: grocery shopping and cleaning...

Tuesday: whipping the children into shape, we have 2 classes until St Patrick's Day and their routine is NOT DONE! BAH!  I'm not really sure how it's going to play out...   Truly, I'm nervous.  Maybe I can schedule an "extra practice"  <panic face>

Wednesday: covered for Mary (poor thing has a huge exam coming up and no time to study, along with the step 1 of her boards :( )  

Thursday: First class was great - those kids always make me smile.  But they POOP me out, man!  The second class went well also.  Unfortunately, I have spotty attendance due to sickness lately.  It's really frustrating, but at least their routine is done for St Pat's  - I may add on more for the recital.

Friday - I had a date.  Yes, a date.  It was scary and exciting and I had a nice time! :)

Tonight - gals night in at my place..... I better get cookin!

How was your week?

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