Sunday, February 17, 2013

Spring Wish List

I keep dreaming that I'll wake up and it will be 50 outside...  That isn't happening around these parts anytime soon.  So, in the mean time I wish and lust after spring items.  Trying desperately to entangle some of them into my winter wardrobe (which is SO TIRED!).   Nothing I'd like for spring is terribly out of the ordinary.  I rounded up some of my favorites from the Gap's spring arrivals.

A Mint pair of Skimmers is a MUST HAVE!  These bad boys will be worn with everything.  A blazer in the cooler spring months into summer with a bright white or colored tank...

The Patterned Belt is a wardrobe staple that I am just catching onto.  I know, I know, they've been around for a while.  I just now understand their versatility as I ease myself into pattern mixing.  

Bright Bold Colored Clutches!  Another item that I'm easing into my wardrobe.  I have found them to be somewhat silly?  I'm quickly getting over that as they are absolutely to die for as an outfit accessory.

Bold Scarf.  I have so many, but you can never have enough! The perfect addition to your boring outfit.  Whether that be a t-shirt and jeans, or oxford and dress pant.  This accessory instantly makes your outfit more exciting!

Striped Blazer - or, this incredibly chic and cool Moto jacket.  The perfect pattern for layering!

A Chambray dress.  This one with dots is so adorable.  Pair it with leggings and booties now and flats or sandals later!

Printed Dresses.  An item I typically stay away from because of it's wearability.  Solid colors to me were always so much more wearable in different settings (much like neutrals).  Patterns are here to stay, at least for a while.  So I'm taking the plunge this year!

BOYFRIEND Jeans!  I'm newly obsessed.  I'm not sure even why since I don't actually own a pair to date...  I was against them at first because I felt as a petite curvy woman they couldn't be done.   But since then I've changed my tune and I feel that styled correctly nearly any body type can pull them off.  Of course, you can't do slouchy with slouchy if your curvy, it would have to be an incredibly structured top (tight tank and fitted blazer) with a super spiky heel to add back in touches of femininity.

Gap Wish List

My style is kind of going through an evolution.  I'm gravitating back towards my preppy roots. Clean lines, bright and beautiful colors, fitted tops.  I still adore the oversized shirt and legging look, it's great for weekend errands, etc.  But, being a petite curvy individual I feel that the fitted looks are more flattering

What is your body type?  Do you have a set style that you feel is most flattering? 

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**this post is not sponsored by the gap and all opinions are my own**