Sunday, April 22, 2012

recital week . . .

I apologize for the absent-ness lately - we've been preparing for the recital and then I took off to visit Kelly downstate for the weekend.  Poor planning on my behalf, but I did have an excellent time (photos to come when i can get them off my camera).

So, back to recital week - it's themed "Lancelot" which was sort of a mistake but we made it/are making it work, heh heh.   We try to do what we call a dance drama, so it's supposed to be like a ballet where the dancing and the music tells a story, but we throw some narration in there.   We had a lot of fun with the music for the Irish dances this year, too.  For instance - we have the YMCA and a cover of Led Zepplin's Immigrant Song, Hungry Like the Wolf...   it will be interesting for sure.  But, with all of that also comes costuming...

The ballet, tap, and jazz students get typical costumes for their particular dances which usually consist of a beautifully sparkly and colorful tutu.  The Irish dancers usually wear a black turtleneck leotard with a black skirt and their poodle or popcorn socks.  So, to make their outfits more exciting we usually give them accessories to make them look more the part.   This is the part that I may have bit off more than I can chew here with my busy life.

Luckily I was able to put  my Advanced Beginner 2 class to work at class last week and their costumes are done, and they loved helping!  The other kids are a little too young to take on the task so I'll be spending most of the nights this week gluing stars and gutting garbage bags and elastic and glitter, etc.

I'll let ya know how it works out.  Hopefully I don't go into work Tuesday morning looking like a craft project gone bad!

Have you ever taken on too much, or left yourself next to little time to complete a project?

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