Friday, June 1, 2012

friday night before a feis...

for those of you who are not irish dancing readers - a feis (pronounced "fesh") is an irish dance competition.  the word feis or feisianna (plural) means festival in gaelic.  back in my feising day, there was a lot more focus on all traditional irish activities, for instance soda bread competitions, and irish music and art competitions.  there were also a number of art vendors - now it's just 10 different tables with soffee shorts that say "irish dancers rock" across the hiney.   now-a-days a feis is definitely more dancing focused.   we are even feis tanning our dancers legs!  i never did that unless it was a major (regionals or nationals), because the judges are so far away....  it's insane!  i'm not exactly sure when someone upped the anti but, when they did it turned this traditional and formal world into an accordion music, sock glued, wigged, and bedazzled version of america's star search!  i started, like most dancers my age, when riverdance came into the scene.  i had scene it played on national public television and i was amazed at michael flatley and jean butlers effortless movements.  there was no hesitation when mom asked us if we'd like to try this insane, crazy beautiful art.  

when it came to feising, i didn't mess around - always practiced hard.  well, one time i didn't and let me tell you i got it handed to me big time.  learned my lesson, let's just say that!  otherwise, definitely no messing around - feis bag and dance bag packed and ready to go and to bed early!   it's interesting being a TCRG now and watching my kids routines..  you have to be SO good now to succeed.  and you can only tell them so many times to practice and give 150% in class...  it's frustrating to see them fail when you know they could have pushed themselves harder.  to be clear, by fail, i just mean not do as well as they could have, as well as they have the potential to do if they actually applied themselves.  

i bet this is the same struggle school teachers deal with day in and day out.  but, in today's day and age where so many people have their lives handed to them on silver platters... i feel it's important to teach a life lesson and let them fall on their hiney's.  because they will get up, and try again just like i did. 

i wish all our students the best of luck tomorrow at the feis - i'll be there rooting for you!! :) 


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