Wednesday, June 6, 2012

going to the zoo...

i took a few days off - a little stay-cation of sorts.  mostly just because i have this time off that i'm supposed to use, even if it's not to go anywhere...

so with my time off (today being the first day) i'm doing the chores i have little time for and hanging out with my favorite people.  tomorrow sara and i are taking romeo to the zoo (snaps to come)!  the thought just puts that peter, paul and mary song in my head on repeat!

in case you don't know it...

what do you do with your stay-cations?


  1. I love stay-cations! :)


  2. We have a lot of stay-cations, normally they are spent with picnics, movies, late after dinner walks, and yummy homemade dinners. Hope you have fun at the zoo! :)