Monday, May 23, 2011

stop and smell the lilacs...

Walking through Highland Park this time of year you must, absolutely must stop to smell and enjoy the Lilacs.   It is hard to miss, as you drive or walk the lilac perfume just punctures your sense of smell.  It's so enjoyable, that every year Rochester has an Annual Lilac Festival.

 It's your typical festival in the way of "fast food", crowds of people, music, and art.  Yet, droves of people come in from all over to walk through the park, see and smell the flowers, and enjoy whatever big name musician they've brought in as free entertainment.   Chris and I were able to get down Friday night after work.  Little Feat was playing and since the festival (for the first time I think ever) was cancelled multiple days in a row due to rain, there were thousands of people!  It was the perfect end to the work week.

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