Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cork & Blarney Castle

It seems like long ago we were trekking through Ireland...  Even though it has been merely weeks!   After Doolin we traveled to Cork, quite a long bus ride I must say.   While in Cork we visited Blarney and the Blarney Castle.  Shots above show Chris kissing the famous Blarney Stone!  I was too chicken to bend over backwards over a cliff, while a little old Irish man held my legs!    The grounds to Blarney Castle are simply amazing!  So beautiful, and it seemed we arrived just in time for all of the gorgeous flowers to bloom.   The next morning before we headed back to Dublin, we took a short walk through the Cork English Market.  IF YOU ARE IN CORK, GO THERE!  It's so worth it!   Dare I say, Philadelphia has a similar indoor market to also check out if you're ever there.  


  1. Lovely pictures.
    Ireland looks beautiful--but what, no ale?? :P


  2. Ah, love all these photos from your trip! Yummm, and all those pastries. Mmmm, yum yum. Okay, need to find food. xx

  3. Oh we drank some brews don't you worry! My camera is a bit bulky so I left it locked up with my things when we hit the night scenes (when most of our ale consumption was)

    Thanks for the comments!