Monday, May 2, 2011

new life...

 This is a tree that was blossoming where I park my car. 

Tulips from my mom's garden.

Between the rain fall, there are little glimpses of life popping up all over.  I'd like to get over to Highland Park before we leave this weekend, and take some shots of the gorgeous lilacs coming in!  I ran through there on Sunday and it was so peacefully fragrant with new life.  
Though the rain is quite depressing, when you think of it nourishing the Earth, in order for beautiful life to grow it makes it quite pleasant.   

My sister is at the hospital tonight, she will be induced in the morning.  Finally little Romeo Michael will enter this world, with all the tulips and lilacs.  

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  1. Ah, congratulations to your sister! I hope everything goes well and smoothly!

    Love the little shots of beauty in the everyday. I always find it so refreshing when you have the time to stop and notice the small things around you. xx