Friday, August 19, 2011

Bikini bod... for winter?

Yes that's right... Although most of us want a bikini body for spring into summer, I tend to focus my efforts for winter.  Here are my reasons:

1. Summer time festivities/weddings/activities keep me out of the gym, and although I do run 5K's a couple-few times a week, I don't really watch what I eat.  :)
2. Holiday preperation.  Ok I know nobody wants to hear that Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner - but, let's face it;  they are.   If your house is anything like mine, you eat... a lot.

So here are some programs that are my favorite for buffing up.

1. - Although it looks like it's meant for the expert, this program is built to be a work in progress.  It's all about technique and being sure you are executing the movements with proper form, even if you are doing them with little to no weight.  From your 90 year old grandma to a 7 year old child, these movements are great full body workouts.  3 days on, 1 day off the W.O.D. (Workout Of the Day) tells you what to do with video's to instruct you how to execute the movements properly.

2. Any Jillian Michaels workout - Along the same lines as the Crossfit workouts, high cardio, low rest period.  Even though Chris would argue she looks like a man.... she kicks my butt like a chick with a bad attitude.  I strongly suggest her OnDemand workouts if you have cable.

3. Yoga - a great Yoga and/or Pilates regiment (once or twice a week) is just enough to lengthen and relax your muscles.  Especially if you're weight lifting and doing a lot of cardio.

4. A well balanced diet - Studies say that although exercise is very important, diet is just as, if not more important.  Stick to foods that come from the Earth, and cut out anything processed.

These are just a few things I'm going to be sticking to this fall - winter, to "keep" my bikini body..

no pain, no gain


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