Saturday, August 20, 2011

Inspiration.. but, not too much!

Here I sit, perusing through Real Simple and InStyle's September issues... hoping, praying for some fashion inspiration for both my mental creative outlet (Le Blog) and my fall to winter wardrobe...

Some things that I see, and like:
        Jewel tones (teal, magenta, violet) are still in *yay*!
        Pleats!  Who does not love a maxi, or tea length pleated skirt!?
        Prepilly (Is that a word? Did I just make it up, who knows?!) adorned flats and heels - I'm loving         seeing that the vamped up footwear I bought last season still has purpose moving into Fall of '11.
        Handbags with serious structure
        Big chunky knits with no real shape

All of the above things make me want to take my hard earned (overtime) money and head to the mall, Marshalls, The Gap, and Forever 21...   I am trying to hold back the urge to do so!  *Lord grant me the strength!*

Busy weekend again, not as busy as past weekends.  We (MGOS) had a great showing today at Wedgestock, and hopefully another at Fiddler's Fair tomorrow.

What are you favorite trends moving into Fall?

*this would be the second, possibly third post regarding fall wardrobe so if you don't feel so inclined to comment or even read any further on my semi boring life, fashion, irish dance rants.  Don't feel obligated.  I promise in the future to have more insightful, humorous, and potentially knowledgeable posts in the (maybe near) future.

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