Monday, August 8, 2011

prepping for fall...

As I sit here and think of how speedy the summer has passed, how the last thing I want to do is put on a sweater, or dust off my boots getting them ready for wear... I also want to be sure I'm prepared for the fall trends and activities.  (The MAR Oireachtas mainly, and even though I'm not a TCRG yet, I will still look like one:) Sorry to you non-Irish dance readers, the O is our Regional championship and Worlds qualifier)   I've been trying to do my homework and see which items would be the best things to add to my "fall into winter" transition.  Since I had bought a handful of sweaters last year, I should only have to purchase a few 2011 styled items.   I generally always go for the basics - a good pump, a nice neutral flat, a go-to sweater, great pair of jeans, white button down oxford, and a neutral blazer.   All items which, are surely still in style, but thatare "staples".    I will say I do need a new oxford and my neutral blazer is dated as well. 

While doing my homework there are a few places that are my go-to stores to tell me the following:
1. What is in style
2. What is affordable.

Those stores are generally The Gap, American Eagle, and Marshall's.  AE you might say is too young for me, but I've been buying their clothes for so long - I can't let go.  It's the inexpensive American Apparel in my book, and you can actually buy items that don't have their name plastered across the front. 

New items I will add to my list this year may include...
a few nice tops- long and 3/4 sleeve, silky material , good for layering
a bold colored cardigan- currently own 3 grey... as if I don't own enough grey clothing, also great for layering
a pencil skirt -every year I say "I need one" and never actually make a purchase - it's got to be the shopping bulimia Chris claims I have
another pair of Gap jeans- honestly, they are the most comfy skinny jeans I've purchased to date, and although they stretch out far too fast for my liking, they don't FALL off my behind like others do which makes them get my vote!
big, chunky, fuzzy sweater - great for weekends and honestly, you can never have too many
oxford shirt - I definitely need a few of these actually, good thing my employer rarely enforces business dress...
neutral flatteringly (<-- is that a word?!) fitting blazer- obviously, everyone should have one of these - and mine is seriously dated and a bit too heavy for the peak of fall...

The list will eventually go on and on (which is why I NEVER obtain all of the items :-/ ). It's so hard to narrow it down... if only I could win the lottery ....queue the day dreaming.

What is on your fall shopping list?

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