Saturday, September 3, 2011


Feathers.  Who knew they'd be such a fad?  Despite the 'fad'y ness of them, Mary and I went to get some today.  I'm not sure that if I hadn't purchased a coupon online that I would have gotten one.  
They are quite adorable, and add a bit of flair to your "do".  Besides, everyone knows how much I love chicken and eggs - why not wear one? 

The application process is quite simple.  You go and pick out however many feathers you'd like, and which colors.  I tried the red with a orangey yellow... and it didn't look so good.  It brought out some unlikable hues in my hair.  Instead I chose the white to add some *pop*.   Mary choose red and black (she has a little bit lighter hair).  Then the hairdresser parts your hair, and clasps it in and Voila! 

How do you feel about feathers?  Would you put a chicken in your hair?  

Just curious.  

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend! xx

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