Sunday, September 4, 2011

sleepy, yet goal oriented sunday

Ever have those days where you'd just like to stay in bed all day?   This is precisely how I felt this morning as I awoke at 6:15 am.   How is it, that on a Sunday on a long weekend, I'm able to just miraculously wake up around 6am?  Yet, Monday through Friday it's a serious struggle.  This is a mystery to me.

So, here I am - up and at 'em!   I've read and downloaded some new apps for my phone... researched a new laptop (thinking of just sucking it up and saving my bones for a MacBook).  I desperately need to retire my iBook G4.   Sure, she still runs but not at a speed enjoyable for anyone.   Anyways, looks like it will be a little bit before I can afford what I want, and at this point I'm not really willing to settle for something I know won't last as long.  

I'm scatter brained this morning;  thinking of how I can adjust my schedule to accommodate working out again.  I need to lose some of, if not all, the 10 lbs I have gained since my last Dr. visit in February.    It's disheartening to say the least, to step on the scale and literally have a heart attack.  I guess the summer food, and lack of exercise got the best of me.    It's so hard!  I'm such a physical activity junky!  In the summer, though, we are doing so many other outdoor things that trick you into thinking you're being active... but, really you're eating a hot dog while you're doing it so, is that really doing you good?    I do have to take into consideration that in February I had just taken the TCRG and for the months upcoming I had been, going to the gym and doing at least 45 minutes of bicycle cardio 3x's a week, plus dancing my sets and solo steps once a night.   Still, I should be dancing more often to be in Tip top shape for my classes.  How can I expect them to get better if I'm dancing like a handicapped Michael Flately...?

I'm setting new goals for Fall- Winter:
1. Get to the gym more, or workout more at home!
2. Save money (this is a constant goal of mine since I seem to continuously be terrible at it)
3. Be a good teacher/example and role model for my students
4. Be patient!
5. Upgrade my computer.

It doesn't have to be January 1st to set new goals..  What are yours?

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