Sunday, September 18, 2011

M.I.A. ...

I have been Missing In Action, and for that I apologize.   I really don't want to turn into a complainer - but, it's truly because I'm SO BUSY!  Between 50 hours mandatory work, MGOS classes in full force, and my personal life it's been a whirlwind!   Chris is moving at the end of the month, and that makes me really sad because I'll now have to drive 6 hours to see him.  :(  However, the spare time I use now to spend with him I will have free to organize my life!  I suppose that's the one and only positive to him leaving me here. 
On a lighter note - we had a Feis (dance competition) yesterday and the kids did a great job!!!! 

What stinks is I only got a few pictures of the kids.  Find more photos on our MGOS Facebook Page  Don't forget to "like" us while you're there :) 

Today is Day 2 at the Feis.  Besides the kids doing really well, this was probably the poorest ran Feianna we've ever been to!  Which is too bad, because our students seem to really compete well in Syracuse.   We have our first Preliminary Championship competitor dancing today!  I can't wait to see her on stage in her new wig and dress!! :) 

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  1. Dance competitions are so exciting! Glad you are back to blogging- sorry you've been so busy!