Thursday, June 20, 2013

(not) business casual

I could honestly wear chambray daily - however, I will no longer be allowed to come July 1st.  HUGE sad face!!  My office just came out and declared that we're going from pretty much no dress code (with a few exceptions) to business casual.   As my site leader spoke I played a slot machine game with my wardrobe...  Pull the lever and wait for it to stop spinning on a random item that I'll now be allowed to wear.   Yikes.  This cuts my wardrobe in a third and completely changes how I'll be shopping from now on too.   I know I probably sound like a gigantic whiner to those of you who work in semi-professional and professional offices but for the past (nearly) four years I've been able to wear whatever to work!   This seems like a harsh punishment for a crime I most certainly did not commit.  
Regardless - they lifted the little bit of rules we did have through the end of the month so I rocked my SHORTS, that's right shorts to work.  Believe me, it was a difficult mental hurdle to jump.  
It was kind of nice, but I was also a bit cold. 

What's your work dress code? Do you have one?

Shirt - Old Navy
Shorts - J.Crew Factory
Belt - Target
Shoes - SoleSociety

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