Sunday, November 13, 2011

shower the people you love with love...

This weekend I had two special events.  Yesterday was a Baptism for my friend's daughter, Audrey; today was Melanie's baby shower. 

It was so lovely, for two days in row to hang out with some of my favorite people and shower my friends with gifts and love.  Audrey is absolutely adorable, she's running around like she's training for a marathon!   I love it when they start moving, it's so exciting!   After all of the extended family left we we had drinks, chatted about how amazing JIG is/was, laid around Mary and Kurt's new home and laughed a lot.  I adore nights like that! 

Today Wendy and I ventured out to Avon, NY (AKA the middle of nowhere) in search of the Veteran's Hall for Melanie's shower.   Melanie looks beautifully pregnant and so excited for their impending new arrival!!    Although I wish bridal or baby showers weren't really what they are (the whole opening gifts with an audience, thing) it's a great time to enjoy the company of friends.  

Was your weekend eventful? 

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  1. Ah, sounds like such a good weekend! Absolutely love it when you get to spend time with lots of the people you love and care about. Hah, man, I sound cheesy but it really is wonderful.

    Had such a wonderful weekend. Got back from London on Friday evening and it was so nice to be back in Zurich for the weekend. Didn't do much but that sort of made it perfect. xx