Friday, December 23, 2011

while the merry bells keep ringing...

Happy Holidays to you!

This is truly my favorite time of year, and although there is no snow to speak of on the ground - it's starting to feel very much like Christmas time.   All of my errands are done and I'm relaxing waiting for my two best friends to arrive for some cheese and Holiday Cheer.  I'm very grateful for being motivated this year - I just tried to head into the mall to pick up something for my mom... I couldn't even merge into the turning lane to turn into the mall entrance!  I nearly killed myself trying to squish my little Blue Bullet in there...

This week at dance we did Secret Santa Gift Exchanges and enjoyed Holiday music and cookies.  The kids seemed to really love it.  I received the cutest cards from my students!  One of them is as big as the bottom half of my fridge (which is where it resides since I brought it home).   It's very rewarding to see how much you really mean to the kids, when they mean so much to me too.  

Tomorrow morning I'm hoping to get a pre-holiday food run in,  then I'll hike out to my parents house for the weekend.  It doesn't make much sense to travel back and forth repeatedly - besides, I'll have had too much adult beverage for that non-sense anyways :)   I can't wait to stay up late (or try to) with my sisters, exchange gifts, play Wii Bowling, and drink and eat like the Royal's.

Are you done with your holiday shopping?   Will you be traveling this weekend, where and when?

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