Thursday, April 7, 2011


in my closet?

Item #3 
Xhilaration Animal Print Capri Leggings
Size XS
Fit true to size, they are slightly see through, and there is a tiny hole in the crotch.  Heh.

But as you can see by the tag - they are "Made in USA"  that is rare! 

On a more bloggy note, this week has flown by.  For that, I am grateful.  Work business is picking up, and that makes for a very busy day.  Dance wise we are coming to the end of our regular year, celebrating another great one with our Annual Recital this weekend.  Seems weird that I've been running the competition class only since my test, and I feel as if I don't know any of the other kids.  It's so tough! I want to be there all the time, to get to know the kids, and share/teach my love for Irish dance; it's so hard with life, work, boyfriend, etc.  This summer I'm hoping will be different.  I hope I can be present in more of the classes, and getting to hang with Wendy and Mary is obviously a plus to that as well.    I was in a little bit of a rut since I arrived back from LA.  Letting negative surroundings bring me down, and really effect my overall attitude. Letting people complaining really upset me, after I know how hard we work for our studio.  I really think of myself as an overall cheerful,  positive person.  I'm sarcastic, and sometimes a complainer, sure.  But who isn't.   
    I finally snapped out of negative nancy land, after a great St Patrick's day (probably the best to date) and gearing up for our recital and competitive season, I really just thought it's so not worth it!   Ok, off my positive soap box, just wanted to share where my heads at.  
 I'm pumped for upcoming events, even excited about re-taking the TCRG (one section only!!!) .   Although, I'm not sure when my wallet will be excited about it.   Breathe Nina, just focus on one thing at a time.  We leave for Ireland in 1 month, so major planning is underway.  Our kids compete in the first Feis of the season in 3 weeks!  I (We) need to drill the pants off of them to be sure they're prepared!  And my sister is having a baby soon! Yay!   Lot's to be enthusiastic about.  
Well, I'm off to the Elmwood for a drink or two with some friends... 

vote on my clothes (sara, I know you'll want these pants)

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