Sunday, April 17, 2011


I apologize for my extremely tardy post.  It has been a bit of a whirlwind week!   Last weekend we had absolutely gorgeous weather, our recital was a spectacular show, and Chris and I were able to do some outdoor things finally!  :)   The weather was short lived.  For instance - it's snowing right now.  Yep - snowing, in April.   Nothing ever really shocks us here in Rochester, NY; people often claim that if you don't like the current weather, just wait five minutes.  

So, better late than never... here are a few more clothing items.  All the other "donate" stuff I handed off to my sister, Sara this afternoon to peruse through.   It was a pretty good birthday gift if I say so myself.  She has a knack for taking a piece I can no longer make look great, and turn it into something new again.

Old Navy Fuchsia Baggy Blouse 
Size Small
Arms are baggy up to the cuff which is about 3/4 sleeve
Blousy fit up to cuff at waist/hip area. 
Wear it. Share it. Spare it. 

Charlotte Russe Black Sequin Racer Back Blouse/Dress
Size Small
Could be worn as a shirt or cocktail style dress. 
Is extremely tight fitting, yet super HOT :)
Wear it. Share it. Spare it. 

Banana Republic Khaki Cargo Skirt
Size 2
Fits on waist, not hip. 
Has a bit of a french flare at the bottom (could be cut off in a DIY project maybe?)
Wear it. Share it. Spare it. 

Well there you have it, practically a week's worth of posts in one.  I will try harder at being less absent. :) 

Vote. On. My. Clothes. 

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