Sunday, April 3, 2011

cleaning out my closet part II

So, today was the big day.  I cleaned out my closet in hopes to make room for some of the new treasures of the season.   In doing this, I found the above items, which I totally forgot I even owned!!   A rockin pair of skinny jeans is something I'm always looking for, and I completely forgot about the cognac leather jacket circa 1975.  This jacket was a hand me down from my dad's, boss's, wife's closet, when I was about 16 or 17?!   It used to have a fur zip in lining, but I'm not sure where that went.  
It's my favorite to find old things and try to make them new again.  I am so stoked about my finds.  I'm also stoked about giving away some clothing. 

I have a gigantic pile of clothes that are solely for donation to the Salvation Army.  Jeans with holes in the knee that are ill fitting, old t shirts, dresses I've been saving for... who knows what!?  Then, I have a pile of "blog" clothes.  I'm going to photo shoot them later today.  I will start posting 1 item a day, starting tomorrow!   
Comment on the item to vote:
Wear it - to keep the item
Share it - to send it to you 
Spare it - to add it to the strictly charity pile

I will be sure to write about size, fitting, brand, etc.  Any other details I think may be necessary.  

Ok, well it's FINALLY spring here in Rochester - I'm off for a 5K in this gorgeous near 50 degree weather! 

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