Thursday, April 28, 2011

look of the day...

Happy Thursday.  Spring has mostly, finally, arrived.  Here's a quick look at what I'm wearing today.   I want to do more "look of the day" outfit posts.  Sometimes, truth be told, I'm in my favorite pair of Gap jeans, my Chaco's and a hoodie...   Just like anyone else, I love to play dress up, but it's more often then not about comfort.   Especially since my day job doesn't have a particular dress code... 

What are you most comfortable in?

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  1. Aw, Nini.. thanks for your sweet comment, it was coming in just as I was shutting this off. What do I feel most comfortable in? Same thing. Actually I was just about to put on white skinny Gap jeans (over 5 years old), beige converse, and probably.. yeah, probably my favourite very old navy Gap hoodie.

    I'm from NY, too. Your blog looks great. Thanks for stopping by - I'll be back! Off to Hyde Park - NOW the husband decides he wants to get into the wedding spirit, we're off to see and probably shoot the crowd. x