Friday, April 22, 2011

Weekday outings...

I realize I've been saying this a lot lately.... But, it's been SUCH a crazy week!  Now, I suppose you could say that I wasn't forced to do all of these things during the week, but I sure decided to do them!  Above are some shots from Beale Street Cafe, Monday night.  Heidi made me a wonderfully delicious Mojito, and the boys chatted while I enjoyed my pulled chicken barbeque nachos!  Yum!   

Tuesday night our Trivia team nearly won!  We tied for the winning spot and received a $20 bar tab for next week! 
Wednesday was dance class, and the kids brought in their Visionary Boards!  They are all so amazing! (Photographs to come) 
Last night Chris and I made chicken kabobs, with wonderful tziztiki sauce and feta cheese... it's making my mouth water just thinking about it! 

I have some more clothes to post, however, I haven't taken any pictures of them yet - so next week that is my task!    It's Easter weekend, and although I'm not technically celebrating the holiday - are are celebrating.  Chris and I are going to his friends camp in the country (Cooperstown, NY) for a 30th birthday party!  We leave tomorrow after puppy class, and at first I wasn't quite sure I wanted to give up my relaxing 3 day weekend to party hard... I'm sure it will be a very relaxing and fun weekend! I'm really hoping the weather holds out, current forecast is: 65 and light rain, and 55 and rain for Sunday.  C'mon sun!! Break through those clouds and make my weekend splendid!!!  

I'm sorry if you feel I've turned my blog into my calendar...  
Note to self: if you keep up on your posts, you won't have to catch everyone up on the entire weeks worth of content.

PS: I started reading Winnie The Pooh, and yes I realize it's a childrens novel.  It's fabulous. 

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