Tuesday, July 12, 2011

on being barefoot...

I'm sure we all grew up the same.  By that I mean, running around with no shoes on in the summer time. Feeling that cool grass between your toes - or maybe the boiling sand...  Grass stains from the freshly cut lawn, or mud from a rainy day.   I personally love being barefoot, so when I read about this Barefoot Running theory it definitely sparked my attention.  

I've decided to go ahead and try this to the best of my ability.  What I mean by that is, I have various chronic injuries from the years of running and Irish dancing and a nasty pronation issue.  So, instead of going cold into running with zero footwear to protect my little piggies, I decided to go with the NikeFree sneaker.  A sneaker which offers significantly less support than the Mizuno Wave's I was previously/currently sporting.   

So, far I'm seriously impressed!  No pain in my calves or achilles tendon - no pain in my shins (chronic issue) - no fatigue in my legs while running.   Overall, I'm happy.  Now, I've only been running in these things for a week... still, I will keep you posted as to the status of this endeavor.   

If you're a runner - check out the Theory, and the new inventive footware they've come out with (Vibram Five FingersNew Balance MinimusNikeFree and many more). 


  1. Owen has been running in five fingers for nearly a year and has even run barefoot a few times while running together. He seems to enjoy it and the theory if def. sound. I think after Warrior Dash I'll be turning in my running shoes for a pair of five fingers.

  2. Crazy crazy! My husband really wants a pair of these! Look forward to hearing what you think of them after longer. I'd definitely be up for trying them out.

    Love that first photo! xx