Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the heat...

It's 93 degrees right now and it's nearly 5pm EST.  It's going to be a brutal 100 degrees tomorrow, and I'm praying for a thunderstorm (and a power outage at work? yes, please).  

What gets me through are thoughts of showing too much skin, short shorts, halter tops, festivals with wine slushies and lemonade, iced coffee, sleepless nights, and trips to the air conditioned store.   

As a kid I remember sitting in Kimmy's house playing Nintendo 64 and literally whining it was so hot!  Once Kim's dad was up, he worked nights at Kodak, we could go in the pool!  We played Baywatch off the raft for HOURS!  Then we would bath in the sun on the scorching hot concrete driveway, lying on the thinest towels.   Inevitably we would hop back in the pool to cool off again, rinse and repeat.    We had some great summers, definitely some hot summers, but great they were.  

What gets you through the hottest of hot days? 

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