Saturday, March 31, 2012

In Review: The Hunger Games

Early March I decided I needed to get a GRIP and read this darn series before the Movie came out.  I didn't want to be that schmuck to started reading them and realized how amazing they are AFTER I saw the movie.  

**CONFESSION: That is how I got into the Harry Potter series... I'm not proud of it, but I only saw the first movie before reading the other books.  All other books I read first.  

Anyways - I decided after seeing the trailer (which, was a bit too revealing for my taste) that I needed to make this my new purchase on my Kindle.  I went home and did just that.  In a week I tore through the book.   I was totally incapsulated into the story of the Katniss and Peeta in the Arena and this fantastical world of Panem.  

I always love getting to know the characters and I find that although Katniss is a bit untouchable and bratty? She is undeniably relatable in terms of girl-ness.  With, of course, her struggle between how she feels about Peeta and Gale.  Her awkward teenager self as she is conflicted with dressing up being a tom-boy.   I'm really, truly torn between Gale and Peeta - especially through books 2 & 3 (Catching Fire and Mockingjay).   I'm a sucker for the epic love triangle.  

Now, if I were to compare book VS movie... I'd obviously have to pick book.  This isn't like the Harry Potter novels where they get all the stuff they can possibly cram into the movies incredibly right.  Or, the Twilight saga movies where the actors playing the characters are so attractive you'd love the movies no matter what... 

I was incredibly dissatisfied with the movie.  Maybe it's because I had extremely high expectations.  Don't get me wrong, it's wasn't ALL bad - there were great parts.  I even got choked up with the relationship of Katniss and Rue... but, I felt like they could have done a better job with a lot of things.   

Please, go read it or see it and form your own opinion because some people really did love it.  I think I built it up too much maybe... 

Don't you have lingering questions though?  Like, what happened to the Earth that Panem was created?  How did some people survive...    

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