Thursday, May 10, 2012

just enjoy the view

whenever i run in my neighborhood i run down the genesee river trail.  it comes straight from downtown rochester and goes into the university of rochester campus for, geez, i don't even know how long!
either way, when i pick it up this is the gorgeous view of the city of rochester i get.  the freddy-sue bridge adds an aesthetic quality that a lot of other cities just down have.  the trail is so tranquil and relaxing to run down and also alleviates the ugly part of mt. hope avenue i don't appreciate running down.  if i don't decide to continue down the path through the university campus then i usually pop out on mt. hope avenue just before the ford street bridge and mt. hope cemetery and run on up into the highland park area. i took the above photos this past sunday, i actually went back to the trail after my morning run because it was such a gorgeous day for snaps :)

speaking of highland park - the lilac festival starts tomorrow.  literally one of the greatest rochester festivals of the season, and i believe it's the first one as well! 

this is truly my favorite time of year!

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