Friday, May 4, 2012


I have not done an outfit post in I-don't-know-how-long! I've been trying to keep it fashionable in my outfits to work.  Not sure if I've told you before but I don't have to "dress up" for work.  We have a "casual dress code", which is really just guidelines.  No flip-flops, no skirts that hit more than an inch above the knee, no ripped up jean or torn clothing.  

Sometimes it's truly a pity, because torn clothing can look so chic if worn correctly.   Regardless - I keep my torn clothing for the weekend and try to stick to "dressing for the job I want"... 

Well... except maybe on Fridays when I'm tired of wearing heels that make my calves ache...  My feet are longing for my Toms.  They are my new Go-To's after purchasing them in California this February.  

Scarf, Charlotte Russe
Shirt, target
Belt, AE
Jeans, Gap
Shoes, TOMS

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