Monday, May 21, 2012


let's face it - i'm obsessed.  at this point i could build an entire leopard outfit with the pieces i have.  hmm.. let's see; coat, flats, dress...  i'm even finding ways to take old pieces, like the sweater dress pictured here, and turn it into something new and exciting.  i had only worn it a few times as a dress, it's quite short (being from forever 21) but, i loved the way the top fit me.  so, i cut it - now, it can become a wardrobe staple.  tomorrow i'm pairing it with my new turquoise jeans from target (another smart buy) and my new TOMS wedges.  

PS: yes, i plan my outfits the night before.  if i didn't, then i'd be standing in my closet in a towel for god knows how long and a girl's gotta conserve all the time she can in the morning! 

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