Wednesday, May 2, 2012

recital hangover...

sorry i've been so wishy washy with my posts.  my goal is to post MORE, last week and weekend was just crazy!  with the feis in syracuse (the kids did a GREAT job, nearly all placed and took home something) and the recital the following day (equally great success!)... i'm just a bit danced out.   nonetheless, i've done private lessons this week and will be teaching tonight at competition class.  i'm super excited to get back into that groove...   although i love my little babes, teaching the kids that compete is just a whole different ball game.  i think i relate better to them as a dancer because i feel like i wouldn't do something for "fun" and not practice to be the very best at it.    they come to class every week, expect to get "shouted" at, expect to sweat, expect to NOT play games, expect to perform 150%... and don't ask questions about it.   they know it's for their own benefit...  

needless to say i'm pumped.  now, i'll try to not be so "part time blogger" in the future, but sometimes life just takes over :)

see ya soon - xx

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    Please let me know if this is something you would like to take part in :) I would link back to your blog as well.