Sunday, May 20, 2012

race day...

sitting on my porch, waking up, blog stalking, drinking coffee, and thinking of my race today.  i'm running in the annual Lilac Festival 5K with my dad.  it's his first race!  i'm so excited for him - the race atmosphere is very addicting.   my apartment is about a mile or so from the race starting point, so we're meeting here and walking/warming up on the way up there.  what a beautiful morning, too.  

i'm trying to get trained up for the Rochester Half Marathon.  i just can't seem to get myself to run over 4 miles anymore...  not sure what the mental block is...  it's so nice out in the mornings now, hopefully i can find the motivation!

other fun outdoor activities on my to do list this impending summer include:
hiking, and lots of it
camping, at least once
day trips to letchworth and stonybrook

what are you doing this summer?  running any races?  

race results to follow! xx

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