Wednesday, October 5, 2011

repetitive motion...

In dancing, it's the repetition that makes your brain remember what to do.   

and step and step, together
and step and step, together
and step and step, together

Over and over, until your brain functions like reading a book.   Do you know what I mean?  Your eyes are focused on one word, but your mouth is three words ahead...

In dancing, the repetition is what I love.   In life, it's what is boring.  Go figure.  

As an adult, you go from day to day probably doing the same job functions over and over.  Just as my students or I would dance and practice movements repeatedly to perfect them, I go to work day after day and go through the same job functions.  I follow checklist after checklist, procedure after procedure, all in hopes of having stellar results and provide excellent customer service.    

It seems it's the variable in my day job which brings me joy.  The different people and personalities I get to work with, whether in the office or my customers.    

It's an ironic thought that repetition can make you so happy, yet bore you to tears.  

Do you have much repetitive motion in your life?

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