Monday, October 3, 2011

like an animal...

Animal print is everywhere.  I suppose I thought this was a fad that would swiftly come and go.  Fortunately for all us spot, dot, and stripe loving gals, it's not.  It's here to stay and making more of a statement then ever this season.   While shopping in NYC last weekend the gals and I wondered into a Topshop.   All I did for approximately 10 minutes is stare expressionless at price tags and drool over beautiful clothing.   I was mostly drooling at the animal print coat, handbags, shoes; these beauties above in particular.  I love the chunky heel paired with the delicate tie in the front, and Dalmatian print?  So, Cruella DeVille! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!   Can't you just imagine yourself in these things with cropped raspberry colored pants and a smooth black satin blouse? Oh yes, bring it on! 

What is your favorite statement piece this season?


  1. hats.. those really nice lady hats... love them!

  2. Looks like Cruela De Vil actually got something right lol! I love this trend too!

    Belly B :)