Saturday, October 8, 2011

something new again...

This weekend I've been inspired to do a few DIY projects.   I wish I had more time to them on a regular basis!  Today, my aunt brought me this awesome trunk that belonged to my Great Grandma Peggy.  You can see the remains of a stamp of her initials on the top "M.T." for Margaret Trimmer.  
The DIY project was cleaning & conditioning it.  I realize that this takes minimal effort, however, if it's not done properly you could ruin the leather.  This piece has a few water stains and marks on it and this just did the trick to make the leather look new again. 

Take a Leather Conditioner/Cleaner, you want to drop a few spots of it on a smooth and dry cloth.  Now massage that into the leather.  Once it's dry, take another dry cloth (I used an old towel) and rub the excess off.  This technique also polishes the leather.  You should clean and condition on a regular basis.  

Since my Grandmother's trunk has not seen the light of day in quite some time, I will be applying the conditioner a few times a week for the next couple weeks and post a snap of the "finished" project. 

Are you into antiques?  
Do you like to refurbish them yourself? 

I'm off to enjoy this gorgeous fall day!


  1. This is awesome! So cool that you can still see the initials on top! I'm totally into antiques - especially when they are passed down through the family. xx

  2. that trunk is beautiful and its also a 'family heirloom' which make it even more special.