Sunday, October 2, 2011

Last weekend...

Apparently I need to get better at this blogging thing.  I, once again, disappeared for days.   
Anyway - above are some pictures from NYC last weekend.  I was probably the worst blogger/tourist on the planet and took about 10 snaps.  At least the shots I did get are decent ones, the important thing is that I... We had a great time!
 Friday we arrived at Kelly and Keith's around 6, they live in Harrison and took us out to this Irish pub for some grub and drinks.  Saturday morning we took the 20 minute drive into Upper Manhattan to meet up with our friend Kerry.   The last shot above is the view down 82nd street from the steps of her apartment building; a brownstone, and one of the only two left in the city with real gas lanterns outside. Neither Kelly or I had ever been to Kerry's apartment and when we walked inside I felt as though it was like walking into a movie scene.  It was so perfectly dressed with beautiful furnishings, the most adorable little kitchenette with blue tile counters which contrasted with the light tan natural wood cabinetry.   As you took the few short steps down into the living room the first thing I noticed was the lovely gas fireplace making a statement on one of the long walls, with a luxurious leather ottoman (the kind you can either sit, or serve appetizers on) and the most modern baroque style couch and two little pillows which had her initials on them K & B.   

While the boys went to enjoy a Mets game at City Field, the gals and I headed off for lunch.  Kerry took us to this quaint and adorable place called Isabella's.    All I know is the the grilled chicken on a stick is amazing!  I say that because we all got the same meal for lunch :)   I hear they have a great anything.   As we exited Isabella's and were headed to Canal Street to "shop till we drop", we meandered through a very tempting set of white tents on the sidewalk.  A street sale!   It was more of what I'd categorize a "craft sale" of sorts.  This street sale was of people who made, artwork, handbags, etc.    As we were perusing through the crafty made things, all of a sudden I looked up and thought.. is that? No, it can't be.  Well, I suppose it could...?
It was Debra Messing.  
Immediately the thought that came to my head was that Will & Grace episode when she wears the water bra on the date to the museum?  Remember that one?  The bra inevitably springs a leak and she is left deflating, while Will tries to cover her, I mean for her... har har har.  
We eventually did make it to Canal Street, where Kerry helped me haggle my way to a imitation Longchamp tote and a few pashmina scarves.  

For dinner, Kerry took us to this place called Fred's.   Their specialty is the mac and cheese.  Incredible food, lovely atmosphere.  So friendly - there are photographs of dogs plastered over every table.   Great food, great friends and conversation.    

When we arrived back to Rochester we headed out to my parents house to see everybody.  
My nephew, Romeo, is the most adorable thing on Earth.  Of course, I'm bias. :) 
He has just learned to roll over - so he was performing this trick for us all night.

Enjoy the snaps. 

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  1. You saw Debra Messing? Love her! And that bra episode was hilarious!
    Fun weekend of photos. Love it!