Saturday, February 15, 2014

weekend inspiration

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We made it through another wintry week and are into a weekend.  Luckily the temps are going to get into the high 40's by the end of this coming week and I'm just counting down.   These are three of my favorited looks I pinned this week... 

1. You may have seen on Instagram I picked up a cute black moto at target early this week.  I can't wait to double up on denim and toss on that moto with my leopard pumps as Helena did. 

2. Kelsey nailed a wintry girly look!  I adore how she paired a bejeweled navy sweater with a girly pleated skirt.  Giving me inspiration for more ways to wear my tulle number... 

3. Samantha of Could I have that? totally nailed the quintessential winter look with an oversized sweater, leather leggings and ankle boots.   Loving it and I'm jealous that she walked all over NY in those booties; adorable, but ouch! 

A week at AT40BF...  

Remixed my Camo Jacket
Shared the first in my Blogger Apartment series as I redecorate my new space.  
Loving this striped dress layered look
Still styling my fur vests in different ways this winter
Sharing a hot HIIT workout and working through seasonal depression

Hope you have a happy weekend friends! 

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