Saturday, February 1, 2014

weekend inspiration

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This week's edition of Weekend Inspiration I bring you three looks that I straight up want to copy from Pinterest/Blogs I love.  
The very best part of Pinterest is the introduction to new and exciting faces that you've never cyber met before.  You find them interesting in one snapshot and then become life long followers of their life through fashion, food, or whatever they blog about.

I just stumbled on Kat's blog this week when I pinned the first image in the above set.  Her style is so classy and gorgeous any girl would want to be her in her photos. 

Jess from Here & Now I've been following for a while now and I adore her sense of style and humor.   She always has unique and chic looks that I want to try and replicate! 

Cathy the Poor Little It Girl is another whom I found via pinterest but some time ago.  Her style is witty and classic.  I love how she paired the tweed, tee and tulle together in a look I'm sure to imitate! 

Here's a recap of the week at AT40BF:

See me Mix It up wearing my color blog sweater two ways
I went on a Date with DateVitation the ultimate Valentine's Gift 
I joined the Blogging Hat Brigade and purchased a wide brimmed fedora
This weather has got me creating a Spring Wish List a little early
Eating healthy can be a burden when you cut out your favorites.  I shared my #Paleo cereal recipe here

Happy Weekend!  Hopefully your having mild weather too!

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  1. Thank you for including my post! It's all about that pom-pom scarf!