Saturday, February 22, 2014

weekend inspiration

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I've been going through style phases quite quickly.  I'm really craving simplicity this week, likely because it's just easy and you don't have to think about it.   I'm loving the simple yet totally fierce looks above.  Dying for a bold color pleated skirt/dress as pictured in #2!! 

I read an article on StyleCaster this week all about habits of super stylish people and it was incredibly thought provoking.  As style bloggers we  hunt down and try the newest trends, seek inspiration and try to curate the epitome of cool casual style; often times you can easily get wrapped up in keeping up with the Jones' and buying designer items.  The article focuses on how the most stylish of us all obtain those same fads, styles and trends for a less than designer brand and cost.   Even the ever creative Leandra has written about how it's not about the labels.   Who's to say that we are only someone if we're wearing someone specific?   Blogging is, after all, supposed to be real people who are relatable.  
I have explained before my Type - A anal way of setting out clothes for the week; but to be honest, some of my best looks come from throwing something on in the heat of the moment on the weekends.  

Alright I'll stop babbling on a Saturday!  Enjoy your weekend pets

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  1. seriously inlove with all the looks! keep it up!

  2. LOVE Caroline Sieber in that middle look! We actually featured it on our blog as well. ASOS has some great bright pleated skirts for spring.

  3. So cute! That moto jacket is perfect!
    xo Adri